Last Rites’ Facebook Albums Of The Week: August 4th – August 10th

“Album Of The Day” is a Last Rites Facebook feature we started whose purpose is quite straight-forward: highlight one album per day and say a few words about it. Understanding that not everyone chooses to participate in the booking of faces, we thought it might be nice to toss in a feature that gathers the albums in a single piece on a weekly basis.

Here are the seven albums we picked for the week of August 4th — August 10th // HAIKU EDITION

Sunday, August 4th

Burning Saviours – Hundus (2006)

Burning Saviours style:
Torn right from the 70s
Cult of dusty doom


Monday, August 5th

Deicide – Deicide (1990)

Badass blasphemy
From Floridian four-piece
Total classic death.

[Andrew Edmunds]

Tuesday, August 6th

Falconer – Falconer [2001]

Broadway theatrics?
I am not a merry man!
But Falconer rules


Wednesday, August 7th

Alice Cooper – Welcome To My Nightmare (1975)

First solo Alice,
more theater than garage,
and still rocks muchly.

[Andrew Edmunds]

Thursday, August 8th

Night Conquers Day – The First Snowfall (1998)

When night conquers day
Sunglasses will be no more
Corey Hart be damned


Friday, August 9th

Dokken – Under Lock And Key (1985)

Whatever you do,
you never ever ever
unchain the damn night.

[Andrew Edmunds]

Saturday, August 10th

Vital Remains – Let Us Pray (1992)

Let’s talk about death
It will end your life one day
‘Til then, Let Us Pray



See you next week.

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