Track Premiere: Concilium – “From The Chalice”

Consciousness attaches to reality like the grape to the vine, the tendrils clinging to the flower of sanity that springs from the plant that connects us all to the collective rationality. But sometimes grapes fall. Amongst the soil in which burrows the root of their vine, they wither and ferment, transforming into an intoxicating agent. For some who drink of the wine, it is purely poison. Others experience a slice of both the freedoms and follies of the grape, sacrificing sanity one sip at a time to release a tendril from the flower.

Release date: July 2nd, 2021. Label: Sentient Ruin Laboratories
Portugese black/death metal band Concilium harvest the darkest of such fermenting sanities and offer a taste of what is to come on with “From The Chalice.” The opening song of the band’s debut album, Desecration, starts with a violent descent through a tunnel of oppressive, violent blasts. Much in the vein of so-brutal-its-hypnotic acts such Revenge, Nuclearhammer, Tetragrammacide, Jyotiṣavedāṅga, and Demonomantic, the production takes advantage of modern recording to craft a larger-than-life surge of violence. Noisey, feedbacking leads scream and wail freely over the legion of rhythm guitars chugging reverently away, barreling through the dark, hollow caverns. They work in tandem with the pounding percussion, pulsating as the pounding of the skins throbs through the noggin, constructing a framework for this twisted reality. The song forms within the walls, the vocals embedded like the very breath of Death gusting across the violent ritual. Mostly whispered, the buried vocals twist their form from smoggy gutturals to inhuman shrieks – all beneath this oppressive fog of unknowing. The atmosphere is a dense, concentrated cloud of black fog. Billowing, impenetrable clouds expand and retract with the tempo until the violence subsides, leaving only the sounds of a haunted strum and the whispers of Death. And it gets weirder from there.

“From The Chalice” is the first sip: It is but a gateway to the world of punishing barbaric madness that Concilium have sculpted from the ruins of crumbling nightmares. The record oozes with spiritual, mental, and aural toxicity that will draw plenty of cross-appeal for fans of the suffocating horrorscapes of Portal, the eerie orthodoxy of Deathspell Omega, the twisted brutality of Cryptae, the primitive doom ritualism of Beherit and Void Meditation Cult, and the raw catatonia of Black Cilice and Pa Vesh En. The crude wine that results on Desecration is one that is bitter, intoxicating, and, above all, heavier than sin.

Desecration releases July 2nd, and is available for preorder via the Sentient Ruin Laboratories Bandcamp page

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