Iron Maiden – Senjutsu Rev… Well, Whatever The Hell You Want To Call It

Belt up, buttercups! Here comes our review of Senjutsu, fresh off the pr… Oh wait, we actually don’t have a review of the new Iron Maiden today, because we didn’t get a promo for the new Iron Maiden.

To be upfront, none of us even tried to land a promotional copy of Senjutsu, which might seem strange to some because we are, you know, in the business of providing coverage of new releases before they hit the street, including the Really Big Ticket items. Fact of the matter, however: There still exists a handful of bands that cause the old dogs—and yes, the Last Rites collective includes more than a few gray-haired geezers who’ve been listening to metal for over 30 years—to get excited much the same way we got excited way way back in the 80s, and Iron Maiden is clearly one of ‘em. Accordingly, these dudes still have the power to elicit bygone cravings for “release day highs” that harken back to a time when we’d bust our tail after school to speed over to the record store and get a brand new LP / cassette / CD into our greedy little hands. Iron Maiden has always been a very tactile band, often provoking statements along the lines of “Nah, I’ll wait until I can get an actual copy of the album in hand” when villainous darkweb sites eternally tempt weakened spirits with pirated, substandard MP3s. Ultimately, we just wanted to experience full-length number seventeen much the same way ten million others will first experience it: on September 3rd with the album in hand. And now that the day has arrived, we would like to formally introduce you to join us on a temporary Discord server to discuss all things Senjutsu and Iron Maiden. If you’ve got the time, energy and an adventuresome spirit, jam on this link and join us for some Iron Maiden fun.

Last Rites & Senjutsu Discord The party is now OVER :'(

Does this mean we won’t ever offer up some sort of review / official discussion concerning Senjutsu at the site? Nope. It’s possible we’ll find some (ahem) clever way of discussing the record’s strengths and failings. But for now—for today and maybe through the remainder of the weekend—we’ll relegate the discussion of all things Iron Maiden to Discord.

Hey, who could’ve guessed that a more modern interpretation of the old Metal Review Forums might eventually find its way back into the picture again. Life is a cycle, etc.

JOIN US as we forever find new ways to Up the Irons!

[Editor’s note: I made a joke about Pitchfork not having enough Iron Maiden reviews, and they now have one up for Senjutsu and we don’t! TAKE THAT, SMELLY OL’ LAST RITES.]

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  1. I’m a grey haired geezer and I don’t know how to Discord 🙁 oh well, I’ll check the Pitchfork review (muahahaha!). Cheers


  2. Good album I found the songs penned by Steve and other members the best on the album cheers!


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