Track Premiere: Chaos Perversion – “Entangled In The Roots Of Death”

If you dig deep enough, there are about as many interpretations of black metal as there are black metal bands. Regardless of the details, at its core, black metal is about conflict. Man vs nature, man vs man, man vs self. The “versus” is the key here. Regardless of basis, be it spirituality, politics, inner turmoil or external antagonism, it’s friction that ignites the flames of the Opposer like flint to steel.

Release date: January 21st, 2022. Label: Sentient Ruin Laboratories.
Osorno, Chile’s Chaos Perversion are overflowing with molten conflict. Traditional genre categorization would throw them instantly under the moniker of black/death–this is definitely one for the war metal fans. However, as barbaric and bloodthirsty as Petrified Against The Emanation is, the band’s second EP beats black blood from its dying heart. The closing track, “Entangled In The Roots Of Death,” drives the point home. The vocals are buried, like subtle suggestions of violence–it’s that barely acknowledged voice in the back of the mind telling you to jerk the wheel off an overpass. The rhythm section pulsates with the moist, smoldering heat of decomposition as the production smothers the senses like rich grave soil.

Yet amongst all the death, life is found in the fluid guitar work. It intertwines within the bones of the bass and drums like roots into the chest of a decaying corpse, sapping up the nutrients of the rotting tissue. The excited blasts at the beginning break down into a groove-laden, thick-as-lividity doom atmosphere as the molecules of the song bleed for a higher purpose. It’s one hell of a way to close a record.

Petrified Against The Emanation is available via Sentient Ruin (LP/tape/digital) and Total Death Records (CD).

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