Deliriant Nerve – Uncontrollable Ascension Review

Fast Rites: because sometimes brevity is fundamental.

If you haven’t noticed, we’re some long-winded sumbitches round these parts. Fast Rites exists in part so we can challenge ourselves to shut the hell up a little bit and the other part is because some music is just best represented by short bursts of word vomit – a quick, violent projectile rather than an evening on the bathroom floor experiencing full-body heaves over and over again.

Anyway, Deliriant Nerve’s debut EP Uncontrollable Ascension is one such blast of sickness warranting fewer words so your ears won’t be distracted from its whirlwind 12-minutes of raucous grinding. That runtime could lead you to the mindset of blink and you’ll miss it, but they write actual songs and pack in enough killer riffs that your attention will have no choice but to be whipped back to the madness in progress. 


Whether it’s the early bending riff on the title track, the straight-up rocker on “Death Prayer,” the death metal drive of “Mouth Full of Eyes,” or the little bit of bop in “Mania Gaze,” the riffs abound. There are seemingly equal parts thrash, death, and tech sliced into these brief cuts and they aren’t even afraid of a little groove; just listen to the closer. 

For a little extra fun, each member of this D.C. trio contributes vocals. You’ll get your unhinged, high-pitched chattering, mid-range bellows, and deathly growls smattered all across these nine songs. 

The digital price of $7 is a bit steep for this small amount of music but I’ve listened to it at least 25 times since it came out, so I’d say I’m getting my money’s worth. 

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