Putrefaction Sets In – Repugnant Inception Of Decomposing Paroxysm Review

Oh, Putrefaction Sets In, you had me at “featuring members of Nasum, Regurgitate, Expurgo, and Lymphatic Phlegm”…

Formed three years ago, this Brazilian / American / Swedish goregrind supergroup has finally graced us with their first full-length, recorded piecemeal in all three countries between 2019 and 2021 and just now making its way into the world.

Release date: April 2, 2022. Label: Black Hole Productions.
Slow and steady though the birthing process may have been, the results are certainly worth the wait. Fourteen songs in just over twice as many minutes, Repugnant Inception Of Decomposing Paroxysm pretty much sounds like what you’d expect, given the list of associated acts above, and again given that same list of quality grinders, that’s very much a good thing.

Guitarists Philipe Belisário and Urban Skytt churn through vicious riffs atop the cracking rhythm section of Glenn Sykes and Anderson Oliveira, a savage and blood-spattered bashing in the classic gore-grind sense, from the punkish bounce of the first half of “Marbled To Rot” (which drops into a steamroller crushing second half) to the carving chop of “Degloving” and the woozy blasting of “Prinsloo Gordon Artifact.” Handled by Lymphatic Phlegm burpmaster André Luiz and Belisário, the vocals are split between heavily-detuned gurgles offset with a midrange barked scream and the occasional un-FX-ed death growl, the combination of the three adding variety and depth in that classic Carcass gurgle/growl way. Further handled by Belisário, the production is crisp and stout, still audibly gross but punchy, with guitars like bonesaws and Sykes’ bass sounding like an electrified high-tension wire.

Additionally, the undoubtedly lovely gentlemen of Putrefaction Sets In are savvy enough to keep the songs mostly short but always moving – more than half of Repugnant Inception’s songs clock in between one and two minutes, and none of those overstays any welcome, of course. Of the remainder, three tracks top out at over three minutes, but each of those is among the strongest on hand, from that steamroller of “Marbled” through to the closing tandem of the blistering “Tache Noire” and the almost crossover two-step-to-beatdown swing of “Soap On A Bone.” Add to that a nicely done cover of Xysma’s “Fleshsaw,” and you’ve got fourteen tracks of bloody damn good fun.

Between the sewer-raw reek of the Sequestrum demo and this fully-formed goregrind greatness, it’s been a good month or so for grindcore collaborations. I’ve been on a hellacious goregrind kick throughout 2022 so far, and Repugnant Inception Of Decomposing Paroxysm has landed at exactly the right moment for me.

If the gory grinding gets you giddy, then get these goods and guts and gurgles.

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