Impending Rot – Anatomical Discorporated Aberration Review

Information is vanishingly scarce about Mexico’s Impending Rot. In fact, other than the fact that the band is from Mexico and is called Impending Rot, I have… zero information. A first EP appeared in October of last year, followed in short order by this delightfully barbaric EP which was released on their Bandcamp page January 1st.

Anatomical Discorporated Aberration is, on all fronts, a gross and greasy fun time. On first blush, and particularly in the vocal department, Impending Rot comes across like another (admittedly excellent) Bandcamp goregrind project. After all, the vocals are a wet, guttural attack like you might expect from a rabid gorilla submerged in an oil spill. But once that initial vibe settles down a bit, Impending Rot turns out to be much more interested in death metal’s attitude than goregrind’s stick-some-viscera-in-a-blender sonics.

Turns out, even if it walks like goregrind and quacks like goregrind, sometimes a duck is actually death metal, and in Impending Rot’s case, their death metal is focused on an almost Swedish/HM-2 buzzsaw tone that they use in service of gruesomely effective riffs and fantastic drumming that moves easily from blur-blasting to swing to groove and even to a little gnarly d-beat (as on “Automated Vertebrae Inhumane System”). 

The band sometimes dips into a slow-motion dalliance with rotted-out doom (like the midsection of “Postmortem Cadaveric Motion Simulator”) but never lets the energy level slack off. With the Swedish-leaning guitar tone and catchy, grooving riff overload, there are even echoes of touchstones like Heartwork or Wolverine Blues. Impending Rot flaunt a huge amount of promise on this fetid EP, and at a tidy 20 minutes and generous Name Your Price-tag over yonder at Bandcamp, just why in the [Unsettling Yet Nonsensical Song Title] aren’t you listening to this right now?

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