Staff Infections – February 2023

Howdy, partners. Here’s hoping you’ve come through the arctic blast safe and sound. Why don’t you brew yourself something hot and spend a few minutes with your pals at Last Rites. It’s time for Staff Infections; let us see what we’ve been listening to for the last month.

It seems some prog fans have crashed the metal fest, because we have a tie for album of the month, including Obituary’s recently released album, Dying Of Everything, and Arena’s not-at-all-recently released album, The Visitor. An album from the least progressive band in death metal and a twenty-five-year-old, progressive rock concept album make for a strange pairing to be sure, but, if nothing else, this result highlights the spectacularly diverse and thoroughly refined listening habits of the Last Rites staff. Personally, although metal makes up the majority of my listening, you might be surprised to learn that I also enjoy hard rock. We’re all very cosmopolitan around here. Sure, the only time I’ve listened to an entire progressive rock album was under heavy pressure from the rest of the staff, for a project that ultimately never went anywhere, and I might still be slightly pissed about it, but that doesn’t mean I’m closed-minded. And, yeah, I stopped buying Opeth records as soon as they added a keyboard player—keyboards absolutely do not belong in metal, it’s just a fact. I don’t think those incidents should paint me as some sort of crazy musical conservative, though; I was listening to Opeth for Christ’s sake. What do you people want from me?

It’s probably time to wrap this up. As usual, we have a Spotify playlist for you below, featuring selected tracks from this month’s staff playlists. Have a listen while you share your own playlist in the comments. For our discussion this month, please share your favorite progressive metal album. How you define progressive is entirely up to you. Until next month, take care of yourselves, and try to stay warm.

  • Zach Duvall
    Brutus – Unison Life
    Kokoroko – Could We Be More
    Anal Stabwound – Reality Drips Into the Mouth of Indifference
    Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio – Cold As Weiss
    Gorguts – The Erosion of Sanity
    New Model Army – No Rest for the Wicked
  • Andrew Edmunds
    Trucido – A Collection Of Self-Destruction
    Riverside – ID.Entity
    Arena – The Visitor
    Nile – Amongst The Catacombs Of Nephren-Ka
    Proletar – Depressive Disorder
    Napalm Death – Harmony Corruption
  • Ryan Tysinger
    Minenwerfer – Feuerwalze
    Minenwerfer – Volkslieder
    Sacriphyx – The Western Front
    Ares Kingdom – The Unburiable Dead
    Sodom – Persecution Mania
    Truppensturm – Fields of Devastation
    Bonus!: Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History – Blueprint For Armageddon I-VI
  • LoneWatie
    Conjureth – The Parasitic Chambers
    Samael – Blood Ritual
    Sabbat – Dreamweaver: Reflections of Our Yesterdays
    X Japan – Blue Blood
    Arena – The Visitor
    Ahmad Jamal Trio – The Awakening
  • Danhammer Obstkrieg
    Majesties – Vast Reaches Unclaimed
    Hammock – Love in the Void
    Drain of Impurity – Beneath the Maze of Infinite Equilibrium
    Meshuggah – Koloss
    Marcus Strickland Twi-Life – The Universe’s Wildest Dream
    Yagya – Rhythm of Snow
  • Captain
    Dusk – …Majestic Thou in Ruin
    Saturnus – Paradise Belongs to You
    Funeral – Tragedies
    Morgion – Among Majestic Ruin
    Paramaecium – Exhumed of the Earth
    Sorrow – Hatred and Disgust
  • Spencer Hotz
    Soulmass – Let Us Prey
    Beherit – Drawing Down The Moon
    Profane Nightmare – One Nightmare Unto Another
    Temple of Void – Summoning The Slayer
    Bolt Thrower – The IVth Crusade
    The Quintet – Jazz At Massey Hall
  • Dave Pirtle
    Rollins Band – Get Some Go Again
    Amen – Death Before Musick
    Turmion Katilot – Omen X
    Iggy Pop – Every Loser
    Katatonia – Sky Void of Stars
    Obituary – Dying of Everything
  • Jeremy Morse
    Obituary – Dying of Everything
    Agnostic Front – One Voice
    Earth Crisis – Firestorm
    Killing Time – Brightside
    Leeway – Born to Expire
    Judas Priest – Stained Class

Posted by Jeremy Morse

Riffs or GTFO.

  1. Dan Carlin is heavy metal for sure. Been running through his extended episode in slavery this last month. What a guy.


  2. Death – Scream Bloody Gore
    Mercyful Fate – Melissa
    High on Fire – Snakes For the Divine
    Hooded Menace – Effigies of Evil
    Blood Incantation – Hidden History of the Human Race
    Worm – Bluenothing EP

    I like metal and prog but not really straight progressive metal….so let’s go with the original heavy prog Red by King Crimson.


  3. Motherfucking Thumos


  4. My friends, will you be reviewing Sky Void of Stars? Always felt Katatonia was one of the bands that Metal Review/Last Rites had a particular special spot for…curious of your thoughts.


  5. Conjureth – Everything
    Fates Warning – Spectre Within
    Immortal – At the Heart of Winter
    Burzum – Hvis lyset tar oss
    BK Whopper Commercials – Full Discography

    Love the recent reviews. Conjureth really hit a sweet spot for me. Ironically, I’m not SUPER into some sub genres such as Prog/Grindcore/Power. However, I do feel pretty well rounded in that I’ve had moments and favorites of every subgenre I can think of.

    Been on a Fates/Queensryche kick lately, so that gets my pick.

    Just please, someone help me get that BK commercial out of my head.


  6. Progressive Metal was my gateway to extreme metal (in particular Opeth and Nevermore), so I’ve got nothing but good things to say about the genre. Don’t really have a favourite album, though Agalloch’s The Mantle or Opeth’s Blackwater Park would probably come closest.

    This month, I have been listening to:
    Riverside – ID.Entity
    Monolithe – Kosmodrom
    Undeath – It’s Time… To Rise from the Grave
    Dreadnought – The Endless
    Revocation – Netherheaven
    The Otolith – Folium Limina


  7. Katatonia- Sky Void of Stars
    Ahab- The Coral Tombs
    Hammers Of Misfortune Overtaker
    Blut Aus Nord – The Work which transforms God
    Riverside – ID.Entity

    As a prog Metal fan it is hard to pick just one fav, I go for Fates Warning – Perfect Symmetry.


  8. A band that went nowhere? It didn’t happen to be Aspera, or what they had to change their name to for some reason, Above Symmetry? Well, that album Ripples was definitely amazing. Anyway, lets see, what have I been listening to.

    Obituary – Dying of Everything
    Deny Thy Nature – Utopian Machine
    Katatonia – Sky Void of Stars
    Riverside – ID. Entity
    Devin Townsend – Lightworks
    Hardline – Heart, Mind, and Soul
    Gama Bomb – Sea Savage


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