Staff Infections – January 2024

Happy new year, friends. After a month off, it is time once again for Staff Infections. I hope 2024 finds you all happy and healthy. Myself, I got a little spinal injury for Christmas, so I’m going to keep this intro brief, because sitting at the computer isn’t all that comfortable for me at the moment.

There is not much crossover on the staff playlist this month, so with two appearances apiece, we have a two-way tie for album of the month: the debut album from death metal pioneers Master, and the latest pulverizing grind album, Only in Dade, from Miami’s Shitstorm.

I’m about ready to wrap this sumbitch up, so be sure to listen to the staff-curated Spotify playlist below, and share your own playlist in the comments. I gotta go take some more Advil. You all have a good month.

  • Andrew Edmunds
    Master – Master
    No One Knows What The Dead Think – No One Knows What The Dead Think
    Suffocation – Suffocation
    The Cure – Pornography
    Shitstorm – Only In Dade
    Slayer – Hell Awaits
  • Josh Heath
    Reign A.D. / The Oracle – The Mountain Peaks of Prophecy
    Spider God – The Killing Room
    Mork – Isebakke
    The Smiths – The Queen is Dead
    JPEGMAFIA/Danny Brown – Scaring the Hoes
    Joy Division – Unknown Pleasures
  • Sir William Of Ur-Sag
    The Smiths – Meat is Murder
    Choir Boy – Gathering Swans
    She Past Away – Part Time Punks Session
    New Model Army – Ghost of Cain
    Rainbow – Rising
    Jutta Hipp – Jutta Hipp with Zoot Sims
  • Zach Duvall
    Katatonia – Night is the New Day
    Trichomoniasis – Makeshift Crematoria
    Slowdive – Everything is Alive
    Giant Sky – Giant Sky II
    Bee Gees – Mr. Natural
    Piss Vortex – Piss Vortex
  • Spencer Hotz
    Stray Gods- Olympus
    Shitstorm – Only In Dade
    Valdrin – Throne Of The Lunar Soul
    Xoth – Exogalactic
    Atomçk- Towering Failures
    Awadagin Pratt – Stillpoint
  • Ryan Tysinger
    Dismember – Like An Everflowing Stream
    Running Wild – Ready for Boarding
    Megadeth – Rust in Peace
    Death – Spiritual Healing
    Warrior’s Chalice – Sanctuaries of Awakening
  • Danhammer Obstkrieg
    Vemod – The Deepening
    Ponte del Diavolo – Fire Blades from the Tomb
    Autechre – EPs 1991-2002
    Autechre – Draft 7.30
    Autechre – elseq
    Autechre – Chiastic Slide
  • Captain
    Disharmonic Orchestra – Not to Be Undimensional Conscious
    The Church – The Hypnogogue
    The Waeve – The Waeve
    Björk – Vespertine
    Björk – Utopia
    Lathe of Heaven – Bound By Naked Skies
  • Dave Pirtle
    Ektomorf – Vivid Black
    Polkadot Cadaver – Echoes Across the Hellscape
    Fiddler’s Green – The Green Machine
    Edguy – Mandrake
    Calico Jack – Isla de la Muerte
    Jarhead Fertilizer – Carceral Warfare
  • Lone Watie
    Ashrain – Requiem Reloaded
    Thunderforge – Vanquish the Sun
    Master – Master
    Peter Gabriel – i/o
    The Sound – From the Lion’s Mouth
    The Ahmad Jamal Trio – The Ahmad Jamal Trio
  • Jeremy Morse
    Autopsy – Ashes, Organs, Blood and Crypts
    Scorpions – In Trance
    Pungent Stench – Been Caught Buttering
    Van Halen – Van Halen
    Crescent Shield – The Last of My Kind
    High Command – Beyond the Wall of Desolation

Posted by Jeremy Morse

Riffs or GTFO.

  1. Get well soon.

    Mortiferum – Disgorged from Psychotic Depths
    Burial Hordes – Ruins
    Begravement – Horrific Illusions Beckon
    Tsjuder – Helvegr
    Old Skull – Nether Hollow of No Return
    Horrendous – Ontological Mysterium


  2. Get well soon, mate.

    My January:

    REZN – Solace
    Vinsta – Freiweitn
    Mystic-Force – The Eternal Quest
    The Crawling – All of This for Nothing
    Fugitive Wizard – Ultima Magus Chapter III
    Spice Girls – Live in Istanbul


  3. My old man back is somehow feeling pretty good this Jan. Just catching up on 23 stuff I didn’t listen to much of, revisiting Stormkeep cuz they rule. And listening to this sad bastard folksy Seattle guy.

    Moonlight Sorcery – Horned Lord of the Thorned Castle
    Legendry – Time Immortal Wept
    Little Bird – The Keening
    Wayfarer – American Gothic
    Stormkeep – Tales of Othertime
    Dean Johnson – Nothing for Me, Please


  4. Mr Natural! Great album and the title track must be thr Bee Gees’ most underrated song


  5. Taylor Swift – 1989 (Taylor’s Version)
    HEALTH – Death Magic
    The Crown – Deathrace King
    Enslaved – Vertebrae
    Diabolical Masquerade – Nightwork
    Chelsea Wolfe – Hiss Spun


  6. Health – Rat Wars
    Slugdge – Born of Slime
    Slugdge – Gastronomicon
    Slugdge – Dim & Slimeridden Kingdoms
    Inter Arma – The Cavern


  7. I know what you mean–listening to one Slugdge album then you just cant stop.


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