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We Have The Power! – The Top 20 Power & Prog / Power Albums Of 2019

First and foremost, welcome to List Season—that time of year when people with obsessive compulsive tendencies labor over ranking the year’s albums to the point of utter and complete brain collapse. As an aside, I

We Have The Power! — The Top Twenty Power (And Power-Related) Albums Of 2018

News flash: Last Rites loves lists. Hell, we might as well refer to ourselves as List Rites come December because by then we’ve already spent weeks compiling lists, comparing lists, tweaking lists and, most importantly,

We Have The Power! – The Top Ten Power (And Power Related) Metal Albums of 2017

The clearest way to sum up power metal in 2017 is to relate it to the abundance of superhero movies and shows from 2017: it’s out there in numbers and desperately craves broad appeal; it’s

We Have the Power! – The Year in Power Metal, Pt. 2

A long time ago, a friend and I were sitting in a bar having a 5,397 hour discussion about the many merits of heavy metal when he asked “What the Hell is it about power

We Have the Power! – The Year in Power Metal, Pt. 1

Escapism: One of the principle elements of power metal that has kept me in its corner lo these many years. More so than any other off-shoot, power metal demands a predilection for escapism from its

We Have The Power! – The Year In Power Metal, Pt. 2

For those who missed it, Part 1 of this editorial explored three power metal albums from 2014 that should top any fan’s list: Falconer – Black Moon Rising Released: June 6th, 2014 Metal Blade Records

We Have The Power! – The Year In Power Metal, Pt. 1

“Why? Why! WHY!!!” They screamed from amidst a swirling sea of sludgy, blackened, folky hardcore & punk-infused satanic death metal with post-industrial Viking influences. “Why must you continue to shine a spotlight on something as

We Have the Power! – The 10 Most Satisfying Power Metal Albums Of The Last 10 Years, Pt. 2

As expressed in part 1 of this editorial a few days ago – I am in no way embarrassed about flaunting a love for power metal. It’s a genre that delivers a much needed lift