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Diamonds & Rust: Sabbat – Dreamweaver, 35 Years Of Reflecting On Our Yesterdays

[Album artwork: Tim Beer] Metal freaks have and indeed always will burn infinite hours debating what should be considered “The All Time Greatest Year for Heavy Metal.” If you’re like me, a prehistoric beast perilously

Mortal Wound – The Anus Of The World Review

[Front cover artwork by Karina] A depiction of a Mortal Wound super-fan: If you are lucky enough to have parental units that counted your safety and prosperity as a top priority amidst your youth, then

Wretched Blessing – Wretched Blessing Review

A more fitting name for a metal band you will not find. Like, to the point where it actually seems rather shocking that the designation has never before been taken. Wretched Blessing?? Why, of course!

Coffin Curse – The Continuous Nothing Review

[Cover artwork by Daniel Hermosilla / Nox Fragor Artworks] Before moving forward, please consider the following statement: The Continuous Nothing is a notably serious death metal record made by two veterans of the genre who

Freeways – Dark Sky Sanctuary Review

What exactly is freedom rock, maaaannnnnnn. Well, outside (and inside) of a quaint compilation of rock and R&B hits from the ‘70s that Warner Bros rifled down the throats of most anyone who watched television

Diamonds & Rust: Crossover Memories And 35 Years Of The Cro-Mags’ Best Wishes

[Artwork: The Appearance of Lord Nrsimhadeva from The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust] “Blow that cigar smoke in my face one more time and find out.” The years have a way of getting fuzzy, but if memory

Glyph – Honor. Power. Glory. Review.

[Cover artwork by Möch Luthfi / Luth Slaughter Art] Here is a random drawing of Roargar the Macho Dragon shortly after he listened to Honor. Power. Glory. for the very first time. Following this moment,

Hands Of Goro – Hands Of Goro Review

[Cover artwork by Christie Crapeticio / EmoWeasel] Here is a random drawing of an individual who has recently encountered the fists of Goro whilst listening to Hands of Goro. And now, let us bow our