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Mörkö – Ulvova Tyhjyys Review

Not only do the people of Finland have intimate knowledge of sentient life outside of our planet, they have been cavorting, colluding and, yes, even cohabiting with beings from beyond this sphere for over a

Rest In Peace, Mark “The Shark” Shelton—The Spiral Castle Has Received Her King

It was the summer of 2012, and it should have been an unmitigated disaster. A small metal festival in the heart of Ohio made even smaller by record-setting temperatures and a tornado that ripped half

Faustcoven – In The Shadow Of Doom Review

It’s not just you who gets spoiled by the riches of the internet in the modern age. Since that very first day he signed up for the OG account all those many moons ago,

Diamonds & Rust: Blue Öyster Cult – Fire Of Unknown Origin

Most people who were lucky enough to be a kid in the 80s spend inordinate amounts of time attempting to explain to anyone within earshot why that particular Golden Era was so extraordinary. Just ask

Immortal – Northern Chaos Gods Review

In a perfect world that embraces the ludicrous and terrifying with equal enthusiasm, everyone has a guy similar to Olve “Abbath” Eikemo in their crew of friends. Well, at least the version of Abbath the

Funeral Mist – Hekatomb Review

Few would argue that death metal has enjoyed an impressively strong run recently; best-of lists from recent years have been dominated by it, and death metal has already left a conspicuous mark on 2018, with

DeathgraVe – So Real, It’s Now Review

If you’ve spent ample time with a discerning ear placed to the underground of the extreme music world located on the western seaboard of these United States, perhaps you’ve come across DeathgraVe. Then again, maybe

Mortuous – Through Wilderness Review

Let’s talk about putridity, friend. More specifically, whether or not you enjoy putridity enough to celebrate it in your life. You may think you do, considering the fact that you once managed to sit through