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Extermination Day – Be The Consequence Review

Extermination Day’s Be the Consequence rides a doom and punk spiked heavy metal wave that is too considerate to knock you flat on your ass but instead glides you rather gracefully home with groove. An

Chaos Frame – Entropy Review

A relatively young and American progressive metal band, Chaos Frame is something of a treasure. While they have yet to knock a record out of the park, there has always been that reserve of potential,

Fellowship – The Saberlight Chronicles Review

Because Fellowship’s self-titled EP struck such a chord for many, The Saberlight Chronicles’ arrival feels a long time coming. There was something strikingly earnest and unapologetically spirited and fun about “The Hours of Wintertime,” “Hearts

Charlie Griffiths – Tiktaalika Review

In Tiktaalika, Haken guitarist Charlie Griffiths has deftly weaved together near equal amounts progressive, thrash, and extreme metal to craft a charming, quirky, and pretty darn delightful debut album. I’d forgive you for thinking that

Continuum Of Xul – Falling Into Damnation Review

Knuckle-dragging death metal insanity with the odd dose of psychedelia. That is Falling into Damnation in a nutshell. And that hypnotic core is Continuum of Xul’s Crazy Glue, transforming those seemingly disparate influences into something

Buried Realm – Buried Realm Review

Too awkwardly dated and impure to be obviously cool in the social media age, melodic death metal (melodeath) revivalism is – compared to its metalcore cousin, and despite the loaded term – well, not a

Symphonity – Marco Polo: The Metal Soundtrack Review

With its third full-length release, Symphonity has the attention of an audience that is hangry for something to sink its teeth into. Outside of New Horizon’s Gate of the Gods and Stray Gods’ Storm the

Reaper – Viridian Inferno Review

Because I had done the bare minimum of reconnaissance, I was only vaguely aware of what awaited me when I first sat down to listen to Reaper’s debut, Viridian Inferno. That the Australian band plays