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Rosetta – The Anaesthete Review

It’s not a great idea to lead a review with a terrible joke. The indication is that the critic didn’t take an appropriate amount of time with the material and has instead opted to go

Toxic Holocaust – Chemistry Of Consciousness Review

Current Decibel cover model Joel Grind is nothing if not prolific. In the fourteen year tenure of Toxic Holocaust, the former one-man thrash tank has been responsible for no less than eight thousand splits, singles, demos, full lengths and EPs

Suture – Carnivorous Urge To Kill Review

Carnivorous Urge To Kill is a re-issue of the 2002 effort from Baton Rouge death metal act Suture. According to the press kit, there was “interest in the material.” Odd choice of words there, press kit writer,

OvO – Abisso Review

Experimental music has a tendency to be an ‘all-or-nothing’ proposition- not necessarily in the execution department, but as a final product. It’s either ridiculously engaging, or it’s simply ridiculous. A great deal of Aphex Twin’s catalog

Beaten To Death – Dødsfest! Review

In all of the years grindcore has existed, how is Beaten to Death just now being picked as a moniker? It’s the perfect band name, really. Not only does it sound tough as leather, it serves as

Slutvomit – Swarming Darkness Review

Brief moment of honesty here: expectations for this were extremely low based on the terrible, terrible name of this band. Slutvomit, guys? Really? I wonder just how many google searches for ‘offensive band name’ were performed

Gigan – Multi-Dimensional Fractal Sorcery And Super-Science Review

“Today we look up in the sky and we see just fantastic things; galaxies, clusters of galaxies stretching out all over the sky. But if the expansion is going to get faster and faster, eventually

Orbweaver – Strange Transmissions from the Neuralnomicon Review

Ladies and gentlemen, after weeks and weeks of forgettable-to-painful albums making their way onto the docket and infecting these ears with the sort of malaise reserved for those in solitary confinement, I am proud to