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Vomit Remnants- Hyper Groove Brutality Review

Currently located in both Tokyo and Russia, Vomit Remnants has a grand total of two full-lengths to show for a 20-year career in the brutal slam game. After numerous lineup shifts and periods of inactivity,

Svart Crown- Abreaction Review

Before we get into the complaints about Abreaction, the latest from Svart Crown, let’s discuss the few things this French blackened death outfit gets right: -Pacing: Abreaction follows a rather remarkable series of peaks and

Grog- Ablutionary Rituals Review

Grog has been a band since 1991, according to our dear friends at Metal Archives. 1991. That, if you’re keeping score at home, makes this unit in its 26th year of existence. That means these

Condemned- His Divine Shadow Review

From Condemned’s metal archives page: Not to be confused with: Condemned from Houston, Texas Condemned from Seattle, Washington Condemned from New Jersey A cursory search of the band also reveals acts of the same name

Bear Mace- Butchering The Colossus Review

It’s a Thursday, 9:52pm, in the city of Chicago. (Band you’ve been wanting to see) is finally in town after their killer new album blew you away, just like the one before it. The preparations

Benighted- Necrobreed Review

Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pleasure that I am able to say this: Benighted has returned to the ass-kicking game in earnest with Necrobreed. After a slight mis-step with 2014’s Carnivore Sublime (which

Wormed – Krighsu Review

2013’s Exodromos became somewhat of an obsession of mine some months after its release. Sure, It made my top ten that year, but that particular calendar stretch also saw career defining/reviving/ending releases from the likes

Redwest – Crimson Renegade Review

Crimson Renegade is: 1. An album entirely about cowboys, cowboy lore, and cowboy stuff. 2. Recorded by Redwest, who hail from the land of cowboys, Italy. 3. Vocally and lyrically performed in some of the