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Dephosphorus – Ravenous Solemnity Review

Space is the place, y’all. Metal has been on a shit-hot streak of out-of-this-world jams as of late, with the likes of Wormed, Gigan, and Orbweaver all dropping superior tales of the void last year. And not unlike the

Corpsessed – Abysmal Thresholds Review

It’s of the understanding of this writer that Finland’s Corpsessed are being slept on based on the incredible silliness of their chosen moniker. And to be fair, that is a ridiculous name. But to be even more

Warfather – Orchestrating The Apocalypse Review

So Steve Tucker’s throwing his hat back into the ring with Warfather, a multinational death metal cavalcade featuring such stunning pseudonyms as…Deimos! Avgvstvs! Armatura!…and…that’s it, actually. I’ve got to tell you, I’m half-tempted to just review

Gridlink – Longhena Review

In a lovely dinner conversation with the Danhammer about scores and such a short while back, the subject of doling out double-digits came up. Ideas were passed back and forth as to what justifications one

Chris Redar’s Top 10 of 2013 – B.S. Free

Lot of shit happened this year, huh? Let’s talk about some fuckin’ music. • • • • • 10. KATALEPSY – AUTOPSYCHOSIS This was described more than once as tech. Now, “tech” generally translates to

Legion Of The Damned – Ravenous Plague Review

In one form or another, Legion of the Damned has been around since 1990. Known as Occult before 2005, these Netherlands thrashers proceeded to release four full-lengths in three years under their new moniker. Even by thrash standards, that’s

Deicide – In The Minds Of Evil Review

Looks like it’s time for another round of musical leapfrog with Deicide. It seems like every time the Florida Blasphemy Brigade(tm) bangs out an Oscar-worthy performance, they follow it up with something barely fit for the

Ephel Duath – Hemmed By Light, Shaped By Darkness Review

Ephel Duath have made a name for themselves by not being able to have a name made for themselves. After a brief stint in the standard black metal valley, the band made a drastic shift into