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Found Sounds And Frig You Friday Presents: Vol. 9, Why Don’t You Go Frig Yourself Wednesday

Fuck me, there is a LOT of music out in the world. (For any eagle-eyed ear-sores out there, you may have spotted that today’s Fuck You Friday is not, in fact, happening on a Friday.

They Watch Us From The Moon – Cosmic Chronicles, Act I: The Ascension Review

Have you ever been around someone flapping their jaw about how serious art has to be about serious things and if you don’t get it, you’re just not serious about being a serious part of

Petrale – Salvation Precipitates Review

The day I first listened to Petrale’s new album, Salvation Precipitates, was also the day that I read a Substack newsletter from Phil Freeman about the Swedish band Air Raid. Freeman is a journalist whose

Henget – Beyond North Star Review

The debut album from Finland’s Henget is an attractive synthesis of styles that, while somewhat disjointed, fires with enough varied inspiration to remain compelling. The brainchild primarily of the improbably named King Aleijster de Satan

Found Sounds And Frig You Friday, Vol. 8

Fuck me, there is a LOT of music out in the world. The premise of Flip-Flops, Yo-Yos, and Fuck You Fridays is simple: there is so much music. (True science fact: in the time it

Found Sounds And Frig You Friday, Vol. 7

Fuck me, there is a LOT of music out in the world. Here at Frozen Yogurt Funyuns and Fuck You Friday, we are cultured as balls. As a result, today we will dispense with some

Psilocybe – Strange Place Review

Have you ever thought about the concept of object permanence? In human development, this refers to the realization that something does not cease to exist when it is not being directly observed. But before babies

Dyoxidon – The Decaying Multiverse Review

Here’s a question: does an artist owe you anything? Should they consider you, the potential audience, when creating their art? Do they have an obligation to teach you how to experience their art? And here’s