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Deathcode Society – Unlightenment Review

A common science fiction trope is the idea of infinite parallel universes, where each decision we make sets off a cascade of subsequent events both in our own universe as well as in the ones

Xoth – Exogalactic Review

Friend, thank you for answering the door. This night is a blustery one and cold. I recognize that your time is valuable. With that in mind, I would like to walk you through this straightforward

Found Sounds And Frig You Friday, Vol. 12

Fuck me, there is a LOT of music out in the world. So, what happens is, I listen to music, and a lot of it I figure out that I like, and I also sometimes

Sorcerer – Reign Of The Reaper Review

It’s a tale of two stories, really. The first story is a common one: Young band forms, records a couple of demos, and then dissolves. Those demos are compiled and reissued and become something of

Restless Spirit – Afterimage Review

Sometimes when I write, I get stuck in a mental trap. On one side, I worry that I’m just repeating myself – that however many hundreds of times I’ve reviewed an album, maybe I really

Bekor Qilish – The Flesh Of A New God Review

If you’ve ever spent time talking with someone about music that is progressive or highly technical, there’s a good chance you’ve had an interaction like this: [You]: Hey, have you heard the new album from

Tomb Mold – The Enduring Spirit Review

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, flora and fauna, it’s a beautiful night here at Menacing Square Garden, and what a fight night it is. There’s the usual flurry of hushed excitement and politely suppressed

Hexvessel – Polar Veil Review

In the pantheon of “ways to reveal oneself as ill-qualified to tell strangers how to feel about the latest Hexvessel album,” telling you that I last checked in on the band at the time of