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Draconian – SOVRAN Review

For reasons I won’t get into here, it’s been a long month. Trials and tribulations; personal and professional; trivial and major – you know the type. So it was with a bit of resignation that

Sabbath Assembly – Sabbath Assembly Review

So after taking it “easy” the past couple of times out, tackling new releases from familiar acts like Lamb of God and Fear Factory, I thought it would be good to step out of that

Fear Factory – Genexus Review

Fear Factory. Goddamn Fear Factory. Goddamn, Fear Factory. That’s the abridged, edited, and expurgated version of the thoughts that went through my mind while listening to Genexus. With a history that includes as many steps

Lamb of God – VII: Sturm Und Drang Review

I’ve got to hand it to Lamb of God. Even after all of the shit  vocalist Randy Blythe went through with the Czech government, they’ve managed to stay on their recent “every three years” album

Faith No More – Sol Invictus Review

In 1995, I graduated high school. I kept in touch with a few of my classmates, but for the most part never saw or spoke to most of them after that. In 2005, they held

Armored Saint – Win Hands Down Review

I haven’t always been an Armored Saint fan. Hell, the only reason I ever heard about them was because Anthrax recruited John Bush back in the early 90s. For that matter, I wasn’t even really

Ulysses Siren – Justifiable Homicide Review

Ulysses Siren was part of the Bay Area thrash genesis of the early 80s, and for a while seemed primed to explode alongside many of their brethren. They played with all the right bands at

Prong – Songs From the Black Hole Review

So we’re almost a month removed from the release of this collection of covers from alterna-industrial-hardcore-metal machine known as Prong. That means that anybody who cares has already bought it, heard it, or disregarded it