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Show of Bedlam – Transfiguration Review

It can be an incredibly satisfying feeling to discover a great band that was quietly flying under your radar. This is most definitely the case with Montreal, Canada’s Show of Bedlam, with whom I am ashamed

Pillorian – Obsidian Arc Review

Pillorian‘s Obsidian Arc is the first piece of new material to arise from the ashes of Agalloch‘s admittedly messy split, announced last May. The suddenness of the split was, in itself, surprising, and a very

Evan Thompson’s Best of 2016 – Finding the Way Forward

I’ll be the first to acknowledge that 2016 was hard on all of us. Here in that huge space of snow-covered land called Canada, more specifically in Alberta, we have been going through a brutal

Anciients – Voice Of The Void Review

You’d have to forgive Vancouver’s Anciients for falling slightly short of the mark with their 2013 LP, Heart of Oak. With only one — albeit excellent — EP under their belt and thriving on their high energy live

Opeth – Sorceress Review

When dealing with dynamic and complex systems, it is a nearly inevitable conclusion that the only real constant we can universally count on is the aspect of change. Despite the empirical knowledge that anomalies exist,

Horseback – Dead Ringers Review

The last full-length outing by North Carolina musician Jenks Miller under the Horseback name was 2012’s Half Blood, a mostly enjoyable blend of black metal and roots music with doom and drone elements thrown in for good measure.

Sumac – What One Becomes Review

Say what you want about Aaron Turner, just don’t call him lazy. Since the dissolution of his band Isis in 2010, Turner has found plenty of ways to keep himself occupied, most of which involve creating excellent

Inter Arma – Paradise Gallows Review

As a full-time industry scientist and part-time music critic, a review of Inter Arma’s Paradise Gallows proved to be rife with challenge. Given that their particular interpretation of the art form involves so many variables and moving parts,