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Blast Rites: Couple Skate – Human Resources Review

“Sometimes you just need some… disgusting blastbeats and just like… y’know…” “…some fuckin’ sick fuckin’ vocals, man.” And when you do, then here you go. From the idyllic Midwestern paradise of Lima, Ohio, comes Couple

Cruz – Confines De La Cordura Review

It feels like it’s been ages since Cruz came crawling out of Catalonia with their first album, Culto Abismal, but apparently it’s only been six years, and really only five since I first heard it,

Blast Rites: Brain Famine – Die In The Vortex Review

In all things, balance is key. Such is the case here at Blast RItes, and so, for every disgusting gurglegore offering like the recent Organ Failure, we must achieve parity and a centering of our

Choke – Desiphon Review

Two of the things I love most in this life are grindcore and the Green Bay Packers. So when the new EP from this Green Bay-based death/grind outfit landed in the ol’ inbox, it came

Blast Rites: Organ Failure – Neurologic Determination Of Death Review

I recommended this Organ Failure record to a friend a few weeks back – a friend I know to have impeccable taste and not be unduly squeamish about these things I’ve come to love, the

Blast Rites: Ape Unit – Filth Review

Giving Ona Snop a run for their money* in the competition for 2022’s most colorful cartoon grindcore cover, here we have Ape Unit’s newest, Filth. And furthermore, these Italian goofballs are going round for round

Grave Digger – Symbol Of Eternity Review

At this point, 42 years in, the title “Symbol Of Eternity” may as well refer to Grave Digger themselves. Like their fellow Germans in U.D.O., Chris Boltendahl and his cast of comrades have carved out

Blast Rites: Cacasonica – Las Primeras Bullas 2006-2012 Review

Friends and fellow fans of the fast and fun, who among us hasn’t said at least once, if not with disturbing regularity, “I should really listen to more Ecuadorian noisecore.” I know I have, and