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Sadus – The Shadow Inside Review

When I was a wee tot, about a trillion years ago, back in the Paleolithic Age… er, the early ‘80s, I had a bunch of children’s books from a series called ValueTales. The basic gist

Suffocation – Hymns From The Apocrypha Review

Many moons ago, whilst we were drinking beer in the parking lot before a Suffocation concert, my buddy absentmindedly posed the question, “Is Suffocation the best-ever death metal band?” And of course, the discussion of

Thetan – Grand Ole Agony Review

The world is an unjust place. That’s not exactly a novel sentiment, I know, and as we witness new and freshly hellish injustices happening on a near-daily basis, I certainly don’t mean to trivialize those,

Blast Rites: Nashgul – Oprobio Review

I spend an inordinate amount of time trying to come up with fresh and interesting ways to describe grindcore records. Even with the surprisingly wide scope of what’s often dismissed as a very limited sub-genre,

Blast Rites: Cognizant – Inexorable Nature Of Adversity Review

Seven long years ago, these Texan tech-grinders released their self-titled debut, an absolutely blistering blastfest of twisted riffing, relentless pummeling, and unstoppable intensity. That one felt futuristic, born of a similar almost sci-fi-sounding sharpness akin

Exhumed – Beyond The Dead Review

Ordinarily, I am not someone who particularly likes surprises. But I am someone who really likes Exhumed. So I will more than happily accept this one. And of course, aside from its sudden appearance a

Necrony – Corrupted Crescendos Review

Before he was the drummer in Axis Of Despair, Anders Jakobson was the drummer in a little ol’ band called Nasum. And before he was the drummer in Nasum, he was the bass player in

Incantation – Unholy Deification Review

Unholy Deification is lucky #13 for John McEntee and his cast of cohorts, in terms of full-length albums. From outside observation, it’s pretty clear that, after some thirty-plus years in the game, John’s a true