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Cruentator – Ain’t War Hell? Review

Hey, I like Kreator as much as the next guy… But maybe not as much as Cruentator likes Kreator. Cruentator likes Kreator like Jimmy Page likes old blues guys. Cruentator likes Kreator like Gus Van

Rapture – Paroxysm Of Hatred Review

I wasn’t familiar with Greece’s Rapture until Paroxysm Of Hatred landed on my proverbial desk. Formed in 2012, Rapture has to its name three EPs, a split with Brazilian thrashers Toxic Carnage, and one previous

Midnight – Sweet Death And Ecstasy Review

You ever see that movie The Expendables? Yeah, it’s pretty awesome.  Retro-80s action piece, throwback to the golden era of the style, totally captures the spirit and the feeling and everything that was great about

Marginal – Total Destruction Review

Born from the same anarcho-punk bloodline, crust and grind are natural bedfellows. But of course, when bedfellows come from the same bloodline, well… sometimes the results are… a bit stunted. Belgium’s Marginal is a good

R.I.P. Warrel Dane: 1961 – 2017

Christ, it seems like I’m writing one of these somewhere about every two weeks now… But here we go again. We all woke up this morning to terrible news: Another metal brother gone, this time

Dödsrit – Dödsrit Review

If you know me – and you should, if you don’t, because I’m fantastic – you’ll know that, generally speaking, the wide swath of black metal bores me. But there’s always an exception, of course,

Antigama – Depressant Review

Man, that cover is golden… The red pill there… with the hook… for all the fools who fall for that… But that’s outside the scope of my review, and possibly outside the meaning of the

Masters Of Disguise – Alpha / Omega Review

Have you ever wondered what Helloween would sound like if Michael Kiske sounded more like Michael Sweet of Stryper? No, you didn’t. Because why would you?  Hell, I adore both bands, and I’ve never once