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Nekromantheon – Divinity of Death Review

This pack of Norwegian heathens hit my radar in a big way with their recent split with Audiopain. The frenetic, fists flyin’ “Annihilation Spree” was every bit a match for the mighty (and sadly underrated) Audiopain. That

October File – Our Souls to You Review

Man, talk about dropping the ball. October File’s first effort, Holy Armour from the Jaws of God, was a solid little album, if highly derivative of the mighty Killing Joke. Its abrasive mix of metal

Audiopain / Nekromantheon – Split EP Review

With the stack of promos at waist height, we usually wouldn’t get around to a two-track split, but when the name Audiopain comes across my desk, I take notice.  These Norwegian heshers have been dealing

Ufomammut – Eve Review

“Ufomammut are gonna make a big splash with this album.” Seems like I’ve been saying that since 2004, when I first heard Snailking. But for whatever reason, these Italians still seem to be flying under the radar


Jex Thoth – Witness Review

Vocals–they’ve killed many a metal album over the years.  Other times we’re willing to make peace with them only because the music is so killer.  But a great voice, only that actually makes an album, now those are in

Armored Saint – La Raza Review

As lousy as it is to deal with the disappointment of an old favorite going on to offer up, ah, let’s say “less than stellar” work, it’s far, far worse to have to write about

Sickening Horror – The Dead End Experiment

Sickening Horror’s debut, When Landscapes Bled Backwards, was the sleeper death metal album of 2007, and had I heard it in time, it surely would have landed a spot on my end-of-year list. But I clearly

Ministry – Adios… Puta Madres Review

So what’s on Ministry’s swan song live album? Those songs where he rails against Bush! Doesn’t narrow it down, does it. Okay, the ones aimed at George W. Bush. Wait, that’s not specific enough either. Fine then, we’ll