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Vórtize – Desde Bajo Tierra Review

Vórtize tapped into something special with 2022’s debut album, ¡Tienes Que Luchar!. A traditional heavy metal solo project of Valparaíso, Chile’s Javier “Heavier Mortiz” Ortiz (also of Nube Negra bands Demoniac and Oldeath), the album

Demoniac – Nube Negra Review

Language is a key to the way we think. After all, fluency is more than being able to simply translate and recite, it’s only truly achieved when one begins thinking in that language. It can,

Scolopendra – VM18 Review

The sound, it looks wonderful! – Dario Argento I’ll be honest, I didn’t understand the reference when I saw the title for Scolopendra’s sophomore album, VM18. All I knew was that the debut of the Necrophagia-esque

Track Premiere: Egregore – “Birth Of Death”

Sentient Ruin Bandcamp[Artwork by Lev Y.S.] There have been quite a few bands from the Carcass school making some fantastic music as of late. While this year has been fairly quiet in that department, bands

Körgull The Exterminator – Built To Kill Review

“Oh sure, just put on the new Körgull to keep up the energy while you clean the house,” I thought. “These guys are always reliable for some ripping thrash, what could go wrong?” ☠ As

Porta Nigra – Weltende Review

[Cover art: Aufruhr (1899) by Käthe Kollwitz] Anyone who has traversed the gates of black metal understands how powerfully it pulls from the past. It’s so often a necrotic art, breathing dark romanticism into corpses

Thromvosis – Proclamation of the Smegmatic Warcult Review

[Cover art by Khaos Art] If the gas-masked, ammo-clad baphomet with iron cross abs sitting atop a pile of human skulls on the black/white/red cover art combined with the words “smegma,” “Proclamation,” and “warcult” mean

Stunner – Motor Worship Review

[Cover art by Vrugarth Doom] The last time we saw the Nightfighter, our hero had barely escaped with their life from the future city of Megalopolis. The sprawling cyber municipality took its toll out on