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Full Of Hell – Coagulated Bliss Review

[Cover art by Brian Montuori] In the past 15 years, Full of Hell has unleashed 46 different releases on the world. Sure, a smattering of those are compilations, box sets or live albums, but a

Replicant – Infinite Mortality Review

[Cover art by Alli Tuttle] Have you ever hung out with a dumb, smart person? You know, the kind of person that will blow your mind by saying one of the most compellingly intelligent things

Benighted – Ekbom Review

[Cover art by Grindesign] Fans of the grim and foul music we so enjoy will always need the serious side of the tunes. We crave those albums that make our skin crawl, send a cold

Suffer – Grand Canvas Of The Aesthete Review

[Cover art by Ettore Aldo del Vigo] Scenes like heavy metal tend to be rather incestuous. I don’t mean the kind that all the adult sites are such big fans of these days, but rather

Prisoner – Putrid | Obscene Review

[Cover Art By Justin Hast / bassist] Mechanical can often be a word levied against a band as a negative. The term can mean the production sounds too clean or that the music lacks a

Soulmass – Principality Of Mechanical Violence Review

[Cover art by Samuel Nelson] When I reviewed Soulmass’ previous album, Let Us Pray, and when I named it to spot number 20 on my best-of list last year, I mentioned that while part of

Knoll – As Spoken Review

There’s certainly value in bands that find a tried and true formula and then ride that formula for the entire existence of the band. Known quantities are a profound comfort in a world full of