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Best of 2022 – Spencer Hotz: Wait, Why Did I Come In Here?

GRINDCORE, FROM SOFT, MARRIAGE…SQUIRREL!!! As I sat here staring at the screen, trying to think of some sort of unifying theme for 2022, I pondered what took place throughout these past 12 months. I survived

Disillusion – Ayam Review

[Cover art by Sandra Fink] Sometimes you go into a band blind and immediately think, “This is pretty neato keeno, ye flatulent beast in need of Beano!” or something else a normal human would say.

Jordfäst – Av Stoft Review

When a band is releasing its sophomore album with only two tracks spanning 33 minutes, you tend to think there must be a wealth of other releases that led them to this bold approach. Particularly

Faceless Burial – At The Foothills of Deliration Review

[Cover art by Dan Seagrave] Australia is well known for its multifaceted ability to take human lives. There are trapdoor spiders ready to pierce venom-dripping fangs into the weak flesh of gardening hands when least

Cloud Rat – Threshold Review

[Cover art by Jacob van Loon] Cloud Rat is a very busy band. It may not seem like it when you consider that Threshold is only their fourth album in the span of 12 years,

Acephalix – Theothanatology Review

[Cover Art By Ettore Aldo Del Vigo] When a band spends several years between releases, it’s fair to think perhaps big changes are coming. All that time squirreled away in some greasy dungeon toying with

KEN mode – NULL Review

[Cover art by Randy Ortiz] “I don’t believe that you mean well” That lyric perfectly sums up KEN mode’s eighth album. The artists involved don’t feel the world has their best interests in mind, and

An Abstract Illusion – Woe Review

[Cover art by Adam Burke] This is an allusion, Michael! To describe an album as interesting can be damning for some people. It can equate to introducing a stranger as having a great personality. You