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Admirer of the weird, the bizarre and the heavy, but so are you. Why else would you be here?

Angerot – The Profound Recreant Review

[Cover art by Jon Zig] We all like a little drama in the world. It can blow your mind, make you cry, force you to shrivel into a dried-up raisin from the shame of cringe,

Soulmass – Let Us Pray Review

[Cover art by Samuel Nelson] If you’re some sort of masochist, perhaps you relished the searing agony of reading through the inane scattered ramblings of my 2022 best-of list. It wouldn’t take you long to

Best of 2022 – Spencer Hotz: Wait, Why Did I Come In Here?

GRINDCORE, FROM SOFT, MARRIAGE…SQUIRREL!!! As I sat here staring at the screen, trying to think of some sort of unifying theme for 2022, I pondered what took place throughout these past 12 months. I survived

Disillusion – Ayam Review

[Cover art by Sandra Fink] Sometimes you go into a band blind and immediately think, “This is pretty neato keeno, ye flatulent beast in need of Beano!” or something else a normal human would say.

Jordfäst – Av Stoft Review

When a band is releasing its sophomore album with only two tracks spanning 33 minutes, you tend to think there must be a wealth of other releases that led them to this bold approach. Particularly

Faceless Burial – At The Foothills of Deliration Review

[Cover art by Dan Seagrave] Australia is well known for its multifaceted ability to take human lives. There are trapdoor spiders ready to pierce venom-dripping fangs into the weak flesh of gardening hands when least

Cloud Rat – Threshold Review

[Cover art by Jacob van Loon] Cloud Rat is a very busy band. It may not seem like it when you consider that Threshold is only their fourth album in the span of 12 years,

Acephalix – Theothanatology Review

[Cover Art By Ettore Aldo Del Vigo] When a band spends several years between releases, it’s fair to think perhaps big changes are coming. All that time squirreled away in some greasy dungeon toying with