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Krigsgrav – Fires In The Fall Review

[Cover Art by Cameron Hinojosa] “Fires in the Fall? It’s June, you big dummy!” For some of you, releasing a warm black metal album best suited for sitting in solitude next to a roaring fire

Moral Collapse – Divine Prosthetics Review

[Cover Art by Manisha Mohnani] In 2021, Moral Collapse released their self-titled debut album, seemingly out of nowhere. Better than a surprise debut is a really damn good surprise debut, and that’s precisely what Moral

Koningsor – Death Process Review

[Cover art by Dieter Geisler] In the world of metal, math has nothing to do with formulas and variables but rather a distinct approach to writing that involves wonky time signatures, polyrhythms, incredibly tight playing

Olkoth – At The Eye Of Chaos Review

[Cover art by Paolo Girardi] You know how some babies are born with a full head of hair, looking like grumpy old people right off the bat? Their eerily adult visage forces you to question

Thetan – Dim Times Review

The proliferation of digital music and streaming services has led to many a conversation around value. Is it fair to simply pay for a subscription service to access unlimited tunes? What price do you consider

Stillbirth – Homo Deus Review

Heavy metal is, of course, very serious business. When subject matters regularly consist of murder, depression, grief, rage and all the other poisons of the world that make the flowers of your mind wilt, it

Devangelic – Xul Review

[Cover art by Nick Keller] “THERE IS NO DANA, THERE IS ONLY ZUUL!” Sure, Devangelic spell it a little differently for album number four, and while they aren’t busting any ghosts on Xul, they do bust

Sepulcrum – Lamentation Of Immolated Souls Review

[Cover art by Mörkt Artist – Francisco Ramirez] Did you know that Chile has become a rapidly growing haven for phenomenal metal, particularly of the thrash and death persuasions? Or is your head firmly planted