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Septage ‒ Septisk Eradikasyon Review

Even in a year as loaded with great goregrind as 2020, the debut demo from Copenhagen’s Septage really stood out. Septic Decadence was four tunes in just under 12 minutes, loaded with blasts and tremolo

Ophidian I ‒ Desolate Review

[Artwork by the incomparable Eliran Kantor] The most convenient way to describe Desolate, the sophomore effort from Icelandic tech-deathers Ophidian I, is to call it a serious guitar nerd’s death metal album. This is far

Lord Mortvm ‒ Diabolical Omen of Hell Review

Fast Rites: because sometimes brevity is fundamental. Norway’s Lord Mortvm plays the type of metal that was best back when dirtbags knew they were dirtbags. Back when Saint Vitus was adding the punk grit to

Siderean ‒ Lost On Void’s Horizon Review

Sometimes the potential of a band is more tantalizing than the present, even if the present is still pretty entertaining. Take for instance Slovenia’s Siderean, who aren’t exactly new to the game, but are new

Perilaxe Occlusion ‒ Raytraces of Death Review

You know what’s fun? FUN. Sure, there’s a time and place for the kind of uber dark, bog-crawling, inhuman metal ov death that is popular with the cavemanliest corners of the metal crowd. That same

Code ‒ Flyblown Prince Review

[Artwork by Mors Ultima Ratio Art] Code has always been a little unpredictable for a variety of reasons (lineups, stylistic choices, timelines), but the choice to never make the same album twice is easily the

Hagel ‒ Veneration of the Black Light Review

The African elephant has the longest known gestation period of any animal on our Blue Dot at about 645 days, which isn’t too far away from rounding up to an even two years. It takes

Diamonds & Rust: Moonspell ‒ Wolfheart

[Original cover art by Axel Hermann] Of all the bands that began their careers in more extreme terrain only to shift into sounds that were in some ways experimental, more commercial, or just downright different,