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A Devil’s Dozen – Kreator

The winter of 2007 was a cold yet memorable one, as I found myself alone and trying to learn my way around the city of Essen, and the German language. Grasping at any common interest

A Devil’s Dozen – Suffocation

The late 80s and early 90s brought a great awakening in death metal, stretching the style from its embryonic origins into a wide array of new and experimental styles. However, much of the innovation of

A Devil’s Dozen – Metal Church

The first week of April, 2016 was a great stretch. Not only did it deliver another opportunity to break away from the daily grind to meet up with some fellow Last Rites folks and drink

A Devil’s Dozen – Root

Along with Master’s Hammer, Root helped to define Czech black metal in the late 80s and early 90s. Through a series of demos and early albums, the band crafted a raw, ragged, and riff-centric approach

A Devil’s Dozen – Candlemass

There was doom before Candlemass. There was Black Sabbath, of course, but one could argue that Sabbath transcends all sub-genres. The NWOBHM brought the likes of Witchfinder General and Pagan Altar, and a few years

A Devil’s Dozen – Anthrax

We’ve done a couple dozen of these Devil’s Dozens now — from Death to Voivod to Immortal to whomever — and I don’t remember any being as divisive behind the scenes as this one. No

A Devil’s Dozen – Motörhead – Volume 2

Welcome to part two of our Motorhead DoubleDevil’s Dozen. If you missed the first batch of thirteen, you can find it here. If after examining this batch, you find your favorite track did not make

A Devil’s Dozen – Motörhead – Volume 1

The Last Rites staff would like to extend their sincere condolences to the family, friends and fellow Motörheaders who were lucky enough to have Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor in their lives. A champion has left