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A Devil’s Dozen – Slayer

Some bands need no introduction, and Slayer is definitely one of them. The scope of the band’s influence is nigh-on incalculable. Sufiice it to say that everyone that plays and/or listens to extreme metal owes

A Devil’s Dozen – Bathory

In terms of both creative achievement and scope of influence, Bathory is rivaled by only the most revered names in metal. Despite spending its entire career in relative (and to an extent self-imposed) obscurity, Bathory’s

A Devil’s Dozen – Voivod

Voivod answers to no trend, and over the past thirty years, they have always looked different on the metal landscape. For a multitude of reasons, the band continues to be most worthy of exploration. Gonzo

A Devil’s Dozen – Judas Priest – Volume 2

As mentioned in our first installment, Judas Priest’s catalog is so large and so full of timeless metal that 13 tracks would barely scratch the surface, so we doubled down. Part Two features thirteen more

A Devil’s Dozen – Judas Priest – Volume 1

When it comes to bands that should need no introduction to metal fans, Judas Priest is near the top of the list. In terms of shaping the sound — and indeed, the image — of

A Devil’s Dozen – Death

In the history of death metal, few bands, if any, loom larger than Death. “Evil” Chuck Schuldiner and his ever-changing cast of collaborators played an integral role in both forming the genre’s conventions and expanding