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I AM VALBORG – Q&A With the Versatile Mr. Toyka

Valborg is not your typical metal band. I know that in these times, it’s getting harder to define what a typical metal band would be, but we’ve still got some distinctions that make bands metal: •

An Interview with While Heaven Wept – A Look at the Oceans With Tom Phillips

Usually, this is the part where I’d write the intro to the article. This time, I’ll let this conversation between myself and Tom Phillips, one of the founding members of While Heaven Wept, speak for itself.

Malthusian Lurks from the Hengiform – New EP and Interview

You ever get that feeling that music takes you to a dark place? Of course you do, you’re metal fans. Some darkness comes from the blackest of metals, leaving you cold and alone (Katharsis, Ayat); some

5Q5A – Sacral Rage – Out Of The Time Machine

For many, the Greek metal scene should need no introduction, particularly when thinking of black metal. (Six Degrees of Rotting Christ is a fun game to play over at Metal Archives.) But the country offers

Making Friends With The Darkness – An Interview With YOB’s Mike Scheidt

originally written by Matt Longo Mike and I contacted via Skype. It took a little longer than expected, as I sat in proverbial Limbo and imbibed its literal namesake. But it was well worth it,

5Q5A – Prizehog (Vol. 2)

originally written by Erik Highter Back in April, before they started the first tour for their latest album, Re-Unvent the Whool, I reached out to Portland’s Prizehog to see what made them tick. They opened

5Q5A – Mortals

originally written by Kyle Harcott Mortals recently released their Relapse debut, Cursed to See the Future, to a rumbling boil of acclaim. The Brooklyn trio plays a churning, slightly-unhinged brand of metal that PR types

5Q5A – Beastwars

originally written by Craig Hayes New Zealand four-piece Beastwars has been on the receiving end of high praise at home and abroad since forming in 2007. The band’s steadfast maxim, “Obey the Riff,” might seem