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Kvaen – The Formless Fires Review

Let’s get an unfortunate truth out of the way – I’m a sucker for a solo project. There’s a romance to them, no? The lone wolf, armed with ideas too fierce (or perhaps too rigid)

Malignancy – …Discontinued Review

You ever twist yourself up into a contortionist’s knot and then bash yourself repeatedly in the skull with a crowbar for about a half-hour at a time? No, of course you don’t. I mean, why

Vendel – Out In The Fields Review

Vendel’s full length debut Out in the Fields is the type of album that creates a bit of a headache in terms of giving it a truly accurate description, and yours truly has certainly struggled

REZN – Burden Review

[Cover art by Adam Burke] Sometimes, it’s nice to be spoiled. Not like mayo-filled potato salad after eight hours in the sun at the family BBQ or the average state of a corpse on death

Ulcerate – Cutting The Throat Of God Review

Sometimes, I’m my own worst enemy. Like many of you, I often dwell on the thought of my mortality, my fears, and my failures. And this piece isn’t meant to be some sentimental anecdote or

Angel Sword – World Fighter Review

[Cover art by @subhuman_being_] It’s impossible for me to be impartial here, so I’ll go ahead and get it out in the open: I am a fan of Angel Sword. It may seem a fairly

Alarm! – Alarm! Review

In 2022, Victims released a short, perfunctory statement: “THIS IS END – WE ARE DEAD.” And to put it in rather unpoetically, well… that pretty much sucked, because for the 25 years leading up to

Beaten To Death – Sunrise Over Rigor Mortis Review

Cover art by William Hay To the great wonder of people who know me, I’ve never been beaten to death. Lord knows I’ve pushed some limits. If it ever does come to that, I hope