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Sickrecy – Salvation Through Tyranny Review

Familiarity breeds contempt, I’ve heard, and I certainly understand the meaning of that aphorism, but it’s not always true. Sometimes familiarity is a warm blanket, a well-worn pair of boots that fit just perfectly, a

Darkthrone – Astral Fortress Review

It was always the 80’s for us, man. – Fenriz Since A Blaze In The Northern Sky, the raison d’être of Darkthrone has been clear. Dig up the graves of the 80s for inspiration, inject a heaping helping of

Disillusion – Ayam Review

[Cover art by Sandra Fink] Sometimes you go into a band blind and immediately think, “This is pretty neato keeno, ye flatulent beast in need of Beano!” or something else a normal human would say.

Angmodnes – The Weight Of Eternity Review

Rarely would one use the phrase “short and sweet” to describe funeral doom. Yet here we are, courtesy of M.V. and Y.S. of Dutch doomsters Angmodnes and their debut EP, The Weight of Eternity. And

Blast Rites: Trucido – A Collection Of Self-Destruction Review

If you’re reading a grindcore column, then you should already know (or at least be aware of) Texas tech-grinders Cognizant – if you aren’t, then take some time after you finish this to get right

Jordfäst – Av Stoft Review

When a band is releasing its sophomore album with only two tracks spanning 33 minutes, you tend to think there must be a wealth of other releases that led them to this bold approach. Particularly

Worm – Bluenothing Review

Despite slithering out of the Floridian murk close to a decade ago in demo form, Worm’s last five years have been marked by several rapid metamorphoses (from black metal to rotted doom/death to a statelier,

Ancient Enemy – The Plague Ship Review

Fast Rites: because sometimes brevity is fundamental. The Bandcamp page of LA’s Ancient Enemy proudly states that they play “down to the gutter” metal. With The Plague Ship representing their first official release, you might