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Blast Rites: Profanation – Skull Crushing Violence Review

No matter what France’s Profanation name their next release, they aren’t going to top the title of this, their debut EP. Skull Crushing Violence isn’t just the name, it’s just about the most apt description

Moisson Livide – Sent Emperi Gascon Review

Let’s just come right out with it: Moisson Livide’s debut album is a magical, righteous, utterly triumphant display of blackened folk metal. Hailing from the region in the southwest of France historically known as Gascony,

Mortal Wound – The Anus Of The World Review

[Front cover artwork by Karina] A depiction of a Mortal Wound super-fan: If you are lucky enough to have parental units that counted your safety and prosperity as a top priority amidst your youth, then

Cover by Adam Burke

Tzompantli – Beating The Drums Of Ancestral Force Review

[Cover artwork by Adam Burke] I’m amped.  You know that feeling you get after listening to a piece of music that really gets the blood flowing? The kind that could push you to survive some

Full Of Hell – Coagulated Bliss Review

[Cover art by Brian Montuori] In the past 15 years, Full of Hell has unleashed 46 different releases on the world. Sure, a smattering of those are compilations, box sets or live albums, but a

Reversed – Wildly Possessed Review

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Candelabrum – Transmutations Review

So, the bad news first: I haven’t done my homework. Transmutations is Candelabrum’s fourth album, and I haven’t heard any of the other ones. I can’t compare Transmutations to any of the band’s other work,

Achelous – Tower Of High Sorcery Review

Achelous’s The Icewind Chronicles seemingly came from nowhere. Charming, I called it, back in the yesteryear that was 2022. Icewind was a strikingly confident and engaging collection of songs that felt, if nothing else, lovingly