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Cover art by Chris Prince.

Mega Colossus – Riptime Review

Back in the Playstation 2 days, there was a little game called Katamari Damacy (Japanese for “Clump Spirit”). In it, you, the Prince, son of the King Of All Cosmos, were tasked with rebuilding the stars

Abscession – Rot Of Ages Review

Put simply, Rot of Ages finds the buzzsaw in good hands. It won’t bowl you over with inventiveness. But a good bowl-over will be had nonetheless. Good editing is at least half the battle when

Concrete Winds ‒ Nerve Butcherer Review

Entering “racket” into ye olde yields several results, with the following coming up under noun definitions: Social excitement, gaiety, or dissipation. Legolas and Gimli took part in the celebratory racket following the victorious battle

Memory Garden – 1349 Review

[Cover artwork by Gyula Havancsák] “It’s all fun and games until someone gets the Black Death.” ~ Albert of Saxony circa 1346, probably I’m not sure if any of you were there, but the early

Stillbirth – Strain Of Gods Review

Way back many decades ago when it was 2020, several bands managed to put out multiple high-quality releases that were a potent mix of full-lengths, EPs, live albums and who knows what else. In fact,

Molybaron ‒ The Mutiny Review

France’s MolyBaron self-released their second album, The Mutiny, back in May and somebody at InsideOut Music liked it enough to pick it up for a formal release in late October. That’s a bit of a

Monument Of Misanthropy – Unterweger Review

Even ignoring that it’s a concept album about an Austrian serial killer, no one who has had the benefit of looking at Unterweger’s cover art would be surprised to learn that Monument of Misanthropy plays

Mortiferum – Preserved In Torment Review

Fast Rites: because sometimes brevity is fundamental. Even using the most expansive definition, death metal is still not even 40 years old. And yet, on Preserved in Torment, Mortiferum plays the kind of death metal