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Vestindien – Verdande Review

Foreword: Typically the foreword of a written work is not written by the author of the main work itself, the intent being to give an outside, enlightening perspective on the author and/or to give historical

Riot V – Mean Streets Review

My Riot fandom is pretty well documented, but the question remains: What’s it gonna take to make you Riot? If it takes an absolutely kick-ass album cover – courtesy of Gyula Havancsák, his first for

Darkthrone – It Beckons Us All Review

[Cover artwork by Zbigniew Bielak] Earlier this week, I traveled far and wide—about 25 minutes—to see the legendary Judas Priest, live in concert.  They sounded incredible.  It’s hard to fathom that after doing the damn thing for

Wretched Blessing – Wretched Blessing Review

A more fitting name for a metal band you will not find. Like, to the point where it actually seems rather shocking that the designation has never before been taken. Wretched Blessing?? Why, of course!

OU – II: Frailty Review

OU comes from Beijing, which is a circumstance that invites some pretty simple assumptions, very few of which turn out to be right. Simply put, OU doesn’t sound like a Chinese band, at least not

Henrik Palm – Nerd Icon Review

The 2015 breakup of Sweden’s In Solitude left many a metalhead heart ailing due to their ability to both evolve smartly and keep it true enough to please the most denim and leather of hordes.

AVOWD – Vol. 2 Review

I grew up not too far from Chicago, Illinois, otherwise known as the Windy City or Second City. I prefer the latter. I don’t know why; it just sounds cooler. Of course, Chicago is home to bands I grew

Coffin Curse – The Continuous Nothing Review

[Cover artwork by Daniel Hermosilla / Nox Fragor Artworks] Before moving forward, please consider the following statement: The Continuous Nothing is a notably serious death metal record made by two veterans of the genre who