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Insomnium – Anno 1696 Review

[Artwork by Sami Makkonen] Not sure if you’ve noticed, but melodeath is enjoying a heck of a resurgence of late. To be clear, the offshoot never fully left the arena, but it’s probably been about

Frozen Dawn – The Decline Of The Enlightened Gods Review

With all due respect to the late Mariusz Lewandowski and the art chosen to adorn the cover of Frozen Dawn’s fourth record, The Decline of the Enlightened Gods, it’s a mite off for this sound.

Endorphins Lost – Night People Review

It’s only been a few short months since the last outburst from these Pacific Northwestern powerviolence purveyors. Back in August, they put forth a killer EP in Head Sick, one that saw them leaning a

Hellwalker – Hellwalker Review

Hellwalker is one of those entirely random, spot ’em on Bandcamp finds for me—which is to say, the best of finds. As is true for most people, life pulls me away from that kind of

Sequestrum – Pickled Preservation Review

Wait, wait. Stop. STOP. Before we get too far into this – or before we get into at all, in fact – credit where it’s due, and let’s call some attention to the undeniable: In

Found Sounds And Frig You Friday, Vol. 2

Fuck me, there is a LOT of music out in the world. Welcome to volume two of a Found Sounds and Frustrated Expectations Fuck You Friday. The record keeps spinning, the globe keeps turning, the

Blast Rites: Deterioration / Trucido – Smudge / Wet Brain (Split) Review

Though it’s clearly not exclusive to the grindcore world, one of the fun things about this crazy sub-genre is the split release, the joy of finding a band you like and then getting a bonus

Re-Buried – Repulsive Nature Review

Re-Buried. As in: to bury again something that was previously already buried. It’s right there in the name, the “re-” prefix, and so, if you read as much into it as I am clearly going