Mortiferum – Altar Of Decay Review

FAST RITES: because sometimes brevity is fundamental. I have no clue how many times a year I type the phrase “…doesn’t really do anything new,” but I guaran-gatdang-tee it’s equaled by the amount of times

Lione/Conti – Lione/Conti Review

Fade in: EXTERIOR: A CHARMING ITALIAN CAFE – MIDDAY Three tenors gather for a friendly lunch. After a heavy-handed Frappato pour or four, one tenor gets up to use the can. SERVER: “Your bill, gentlemen.

Genocide Pact – Order Of Torment Review

Order of Torment is the second album, and first to hit this writer’s ears, from Washington D.C. trio Genocide Pact. Genocide Pact isn’t going to dazzle anyone with its traditional take on death metal. This

Portal – ION Review

For anyone who hasn’t been keeping up with death metal for the last 15 years or so, Portal essentially take the stylings of death metal pioneers Incantation and apply the dissonance of Immolation and the

Ectoplasma – Cavern of Foul Beings Review

What is Ectoplasm? Well, Ectoplasm, (from the Greek ektos, meaning “outside,” and plasma, meaning “something formed or molded”) is a term coined by Charles Richet (probably a dickhead) to denote a substance or spiritual energy

Holy Terror – A Long Skank Down Memory Lane And Review Of Total Terror

Ask any encyclopedic heavy metal relic trundling through the streets who he/she would pick as the 80s Most Underrated Thrash Band and you’ll inevitably end up with a stack of votes thrown toward LA’s Holy

False Flag – False Flag EP Review

I’ve seen quite a bit of effusive praise for this three-song introduction to False Flag, and with very good reason: This EP is a brilliantly powerful debut. Formed in 2015 after seeing in concert the

Summoning – With Doom We Come Review

As someone who loves Summoning unabashedly, here’s a bit of a strange angle to lead with: Summoning is… boring. Or maybe a little more to the point, Summoning’s music is at its best when nothing

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