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Out Of Step Dispatches – September 2013

Originally written by Ian Chainey I first read the name Will Killingsworth researching Ampere‘s brain-blower All Our Tomorrows End Today. “Ex-Orchid, you know,” my buddy told me. Ooo, Orchid! I thought. The Amherst, MA outfit

Out Of Step Dispatches – Peeling Back The Layers Of The Punk Underground

Originally written by Ian Chainey Lately, I’ve been daydreaming of a black-and-white photo getting the Ken Burns pan-and-scan treatment. On one side of the frame is a crusty punker. On the other, as soon as

Rotten Sound – Cursed Review

originally written by Chris McDonald If someone asked me to give an example of what the “extreme” in extreme metal is supposed to denote, Rotten Sound would be one of the first bands I would

Panzerbastard – Centurion Review

Given the presence of twin Celtic Frost covers, the seemingly unofficial “Into The Panzermonium” subtitle of this new EP from Boston punk-thrash outfit Panzerbastard is both amusing and apropos.  (That addendum came along in my