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Part of the plan for moving into the next phase of Last Rites involved a decision to remove advertising from the site. We obviously have nothing against those places that use ads to their advantage, but it hasn’t served a terribly useful purpose behind our walls for quite some time, so away it goes.

However, as everyone’s aware, a site like this doesn’t run simply by plugging a computer directly into a couple of potatoes – it takes about ten potatoes, and potatoes cost money.

Upkeep for Last Rites is funded 100% by the crew that works to provide the content, and while we’re okay with throwing Jack$ons into a communal hat to make sure the doors remain open, we also would never shy away from occasional reader contributions.

If you feel like showing Last Rites some altruistic love, choose a fixed donation amount below, or choose a custom amount (minimum is five bucks), and the Metal Gods will surely bestow luck upon thy benevolent pate for a duration directly correspondent with the dollar amount you select. If you do it multiple times a year – or even sweeter, every month – you will clearly be gifted beyond your wildest dreams in some sort of afterlife once your life ends in the very, very distant future.*

Thanks for reading, and THANK YOU for helping to support Last Rites.

(*subject to the fickle will of the Gods, of course)

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