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A Devil’s Dozen – Absu

When one thinks of “black/thrash” metal, one typically thinks of bands such as Aura Noir and Deströyer 666. Both are staunch defenders of the style’s classic sound, which is not something typically said about Absu.

Last Rites’ Best Of 2011 – Combined Staff List

2011 was a year punctuated by diversity. While many bemoaned the blackened inclination of our 2010 awards, it’s doubtful that accusations of genre favoritism will rear their heads this time around. The year’s best albums

Absu – Abzu Review

Originally written by Jordan Campbell Absu‘s 2009 self-titled comeback was almost universally hailed as an exemplary exhibition of blackthrash dominance. Proscriptor McGovern had been lying dormant for roughly seven years following the beloved Tara, but

Jordan Campbell’s Top 20 of 2009

Another year in heavy metal…and what a year it was. It seems like every band on the planet released something in 2009; when Immortal, Absu, and Destroyer 666 all emerge from hibernation at once, it’s a sign that things

Last Rites’ Best Of 2009 – Combined Staff List

2009 will go down as one of the busiest years in heavy metal history. An incredible number of must-hear albums were released, making this one of the most hotly-contested compilations in recent memory. Painstakingly selected by the

00s Essentials – Volume Seven

Volume Seven shoves its way into the latter half our list with authority. This edition contains some of the most cathartic albums of the decade, for wildly varying reasons. Whether you prefer to drown your

Absu – Self Titled Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas When influential or legendary bands return from a lengthy hiatus, the results can either be positive as heard on Gorefest’s La Muerte, Grave’s Back From the Grave and Celtic Frost’s Monotheist for example. Or they can be somewhat

Absu – Mythological Occult Metal: 1991-2001 Review

Originally written by Patrick Dawson Accuse me of label whoring if you will but I think this album is getting my official recommendation as the number one most useful stocking stuffer for the metalhead in