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Best Of 2018 – Konrad Kantor: And So We Weep For The Fallen

2018 has been a year attempting to actively bring as much positivity into my life as possible. As far as heavy metal goes, no that does not mean you are about to read a top

Missing Pieces: The Best Of What We’ve Missed In 2018 So Far, Part 1

Here at Last Rites, we listen to a metric shit-ton of heavy metal—it’s just what we do. But even then, every year, there’s so much great heavy metal that gets released that we simply don’t

Acherontas – Vamachara Review

It’s always refreshing when a band doesn’t make a guy guess. Greece’s Acherontas plays a very familiar, easy-to-digest and dare I say comfortable brand of dark, “occult” black metal. Their combination of intertwining, countering tremolo