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Best of 2020 – Lone Watie: We Find What We Look For

Of course, in terms of human events, a year is an arbitrary construct. It isn’t a thing with agency. A year doesn’t do things. But maaaan, 2020 feels like a real life son-of-a-bitch, doesn’t it?

Varathron – Patriarchs of Evil Review

While it gains less attention than its Scandinavian parallel, the Hellenic black metal scene has been one of the most creative and daring over its nearly 30 year existence. Hungry and experimental projects pop up

King Parrot – Ugly Produce Review

Everyone knows heavy metal is super-serious business. It’s all about the menacing look you give to no one in particular as you gaze out into the black-and-white grainy forest at dusk. It’s about the hours

Impiety – Worshippers Of The Seventh Tyranny Review

originally written by Jim Brandon Thirty-eight minutes and thirty-two seconds of thrashing black chaos is par for the course for the likes of Impiety, but they’ve taken an adventurous route this time around, at least

Temple Of Baal – Lightslaying Rituals Review

Satan surely smiles on France. Not because they’re content to let the world war around them, but because there is an awful lot of God hatin’ goin’ on up in that bitch. Several French bands

Necroblaspheme – Destination: Nulle Part Review

originally written by Chris McDonald Relative newcomers on the increasingly lucrative French extreme metal circuit, Necroblaspheme are a quirky bunch. Aside from some decidedly bizarre song titles, the band seems fond of drenching their faces