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Wayfarer – American Gothic Review

I love a good image or gimmick. But sonically, I need a sense of realism that I can sink my teeth into for that image or gimmick to really resonate, ya know? Years ago, when

Stygian Ruin – A World Past Hope And Fear Review

EVERYTHING LOUDER THAN EVERYONE ELSE For as long as motors have had heads, that turn of phrase has been one of our most sacred heavy metal credos. And even before then, Sir Ian Gillan scribed

REZN – Solace Review

[Cover art by Adam Burke / Nightjar Illustration] Full disclosure: These days I tread rather cautiously when roaming the realms of stoner rock / stoner metal. Hell, to be honest, “stoner” as a genre modifier

Auriferous Flame – The Great Mist Within Review

Fast Rites: because sometimes brevity is fundamental. Greece’s Spectral Lore may adopt several styles between albums, but that doesn’t stop lone member Ayloss from exploring little nooks and crannies using other names. Enter Auriferous Flame

Black, Raw, & Bleeding: Rising, As The Celestial Phoenix From The Smouldering Pyre, Its Sanguine Wings Stretched Across The Starless Aeons Of The Black Metal Underground

Greetings, Travl’r. The wake of the estival solstice has daylight enacting its measured retreat: Darkness marches forward, and once more the tides in the eternal war of time have begun to shift in the favour

Freja – Tides Review

We’ve all experienced that exciting moment when a non-metal friend has said, “ok, where do I start?” Your mind races as the available options from the 1 million albums you’ve listened to in the last

Shape Of Despair – Return To The Void Review

Immersed in loss, Of something –Dissolution Despair is a powerful force. It has a gravity that when experienced acutely can be felt as though your insides are being inexplicably drawn through your feet towards some

Blue, Yellow, & Bleeding: Блек-метал як духовна війна в українському андеграунді

Затхлий запах смерті Приніс з собою вітер Лише холод і туга безкрая У небі роїться круків зграя Вся земля вагітна мерцями – svrm, “Земля вагітна мерцями” The musty smell of death Wind brought with him Only