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Atriarch – Dead As Truth Review

A friend of mine once told me that he doesn’t like any music where it sounds like the singer is smiling. Hey, buddy, do I ever have a band for you… Atriarch vocalist Lenny Smith

Atriarch – Ritual Of Passing Review

Portland’s harrowing, blackened, gloomy deathrock outfit Atriarch announced itself quite suddenly with 2011’s debut Forever the End. As good as that first album was, though, it finds itself happily eclipsed in all respects by the

Alaric Alaric/Atriarch – Split LP Review

Originally written by Ramar Pittance Alaric is a four-piece death rock / post-punk outfit from California’s Bay Area that won over critics — including me — with their self-titled debut in October. That album not only

Atriarch – Forever The End Review

Forever the End is a superbly-realized first effort from Portland, Oregon’s Atriarch. Summoning a thick, melancholy doom metal that drinks deeply from the wells of black metal and ‘proper’ gothic rock (think Bauhaus, not corsets),