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Between The Buried And Me – Coma Ecliptic

Maybe the most interesting thing about the new Between the Buried and Me album is that it’s a concept album about a guy in a coma. Interesting not simply because it’s a guy in a

Between The Buried And Me – The Parallax II: Future Sequence Review

We all have certain bands that we enjoy, sometimes even love, with certain conditions. I have long been like this with Between the Buried and Me, understanding their shortcomings but enjoying them because of the

Between The Buried and Me – The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues Review

Instead of rehashing the history of Between the Buried and Me for the 10,294th time, I’ll begin this review with a simple explanation of my particular views on the band, so that those wishing to argue

An Interview With Between The Buried And Me – Unchecked Progression

Originally written by Erik Thomas. Okay, I’ll admit it: I’m a huge Between the Buried and Me fanboy. 2005’s Alaska remains one of my top ten metal albums of all time, and each subsequent release

Zach Duvall’s Top 20 of 2009

2009 has been one helluva year for me and music. The sheer number of killer albums and shows (Neurosis!) has been overwhelming, making the 29th year of my life my best yet as a music

Last Rites’ Best Of 2009 – Combined Staff List

2009 will go down as one of the busiest years in heavy metal history. An incredible number of must-hear albums were released, making this one of the most hotly-contested compilations in recent memory. Painstakingly selected by the

Between The Buried And Me – The Great Misdirect Review

Quite a few people are all fired up about Between the Buried and Me for very different reasons.  Again. For many, the quintet’s fifth album proper, The Great Misdirect, represents the latest gospel from on

00s Essentials – Volume Ten

We hope that over the last 10 weeks you have made some great new album discoveries due to this absolute monster of all decade-ending lists. Better yet, we hope you have formed some new obsessions.