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Last Rites Presents: Our Most Anticipated Albums Of 2023, Part 3

So here it is, the third and final installment of our Most Anticipated Albums Of 2023. Didn’t see some big ones that you’re looking forward to? By all means, let us know in the comments,

Best of 2021 – Spencer Hotz: There’s No Drift In This Joy-Con

Well lookie here, flat Earth has been frisbeed around the moon once again. This lovely year under our lizard overlords saw a shaman take over the capitol, cucks inject 5G into their arms to become

Big|Brave – A Gaze Among Them Review

Loudness is a crutch. “Maximum volume yields maximum results” is a fine bit of sloganeering, but as a guiding principle for music, its pithiness belies its hollowness. Of course, the act of listening necessarily requires