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Darkthrone – Sardonic Wrath Review

Originally written by Harley Carlson. Ah yes, Darkthrone; a black metal elitist’s wet dream come true. Not only are they Norway’s most tr00 of the tr00 and kvlt of the kvlt, they also happen to be

Månegarm – Vargaresa: The Beginning Review

Originally written by Jason Lawrence To those of you not all too familiar with the Black Metal subgenre, mayhap you don’t really know much about the sub sect of “Viking Metal”, which was arguably started

Marduk – Plague Angel Review

Originally written by Drew Ailes With the return of Magnus Devo on bass and the recent addition of new vocalist Mortuus (known as Arioch for his work in Funeral Mist andTriumphator), Marduk churn out another mind-numbingly fast album of

Rotting Christ – Sanctus Diavolos Review

Originally written by Ryan Plunkett It’s amazing how long Rotting Christ has been around and is still able to release some top-tier black metal. I thoroughly enjoyed their last album, Genesis, so I was eager

Forefather – Ours Is The Kingdom Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas “This album is dedicated to Hereward the Wake and the spirit of resistance that his name represents. All Hail the rebel of the marshlands!” Why am I excited about this

Tsjuder – Desert Northern Hell Review

Originally written by Drew Ailes This is exactly what I’ve wanted. Incredibly hard and barbaric black metal, produced accordingly without having some sort of huge bombastic sound, and Norway’s Tsjuder brings it. Everything about Desert Northern Hell is forceful

Anorexia Nervosa – Redemption Process Review

Originally written by Tim Pigeon Flying in the face of what Bill O’Reilly and the FOXNews crew preach, there ARE good things coming out of France. Exhibit #1 is this ferocious slab of black metal,

Anaal Nathrakh – Domine Non Es Dignus Review

Originally written by Drew Ailes Anaal Nathrakh, one of black metal’s most extreme acts, bring you a fresh release to haunt you throughout all of 2004. For anyone who’s unfamiliar with the band, I advise