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Blast Rites: Ona Snop – Ona Snop Review

Remember however many days ago, erstwhile readers (and I’m sure you do because you undoubtedly take each of these columns to heart), wherein I postulated that grindcore, or the grindcore-adjacent, doesn’t always have to be

Blast Rites: Hulla – The Recovery Review

Finally, someone uses another part of that Oppenheimer quote… We’ve heard that whole Baghavad Gita bit a hundred times – “Now I am become Death, destroyer of worlds” – but honestly, I don’t know that

Blast Rites: Guineapig – Parasite Review

Think that grindcore is all about unrelenting aggression and speed and blastbeats? Well, I mean, yeah, sometimes it is… More often than not, even… I can see how you would think that. But my point

Blast Rites: Jack – Lobotomia Review

Hungarian grind-punkers Jack recently crossed the quarter-century mark as a band, but if Lobotómia is any indication, they’re still very much in their prime. Sometimes age is just a number… Maybe it’s the fact that

Blast Rites #14: Thieves – Therapy Sessions Review

Some days you want some bloodsoaked goregrind grossness. Some days you want some rifftastic death / grind mash-up. Some days call for simpler measures: Some days you just want to smash things, or people, or

Blast Rites #13: Suffering Mind – Lifeless Review

Ah, we’ve come to lucky number 13 for this little column I decided to do on the spur of a half-blitzed moment, and to celebrate, Blast Rites is taking on the latest from a personal

Blast Rites #12: Deterioration – Retaliatory Measures Review

Lyrics? Who needs ‘em. Drums other than a kick and snare? Who needs ‘em. Subtlety or melody? Who needs ‘em. This is Deterioration, baby. And this is how to grind. After three EPs, two splits,

Blast Rites #11: Rashes – Necrotic Cultivation Review

Great big gobs of greasy gory grindy goods… I don’t know much about these Swedish slashers except that Rashes is a duo and this is their debut demo, released on cassette by Neuro Habitat Productions