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Blast Rites: Nashgul – Oprobio Review

I spend an inordinate amount of time trying to come up with fresh and interesting ways to describe grindcore records. Even with the surprisingly wide scope of what’s often dismissed as a very limited sub-genre,

Blast Rites: Cognizant – Inexorable Nature Of Adversity Review

Seven long years ago, these Texan tech-grinders released their self-titled debut, an absolutely blistering blastfest of twisted riffing, relentless pummeling, and unstoppable intensity. That one felt futuristic, born of a similar almost sci-fi-sounding sharpness akin

Blast Rites: Lycanthrophy – On The Verge Of Apocalypse Review

I’ve never been someone who would typically be described as “a man of few words,” but I’ve got a buddy who certainly fits that bill. Most of his communication comes in short and direct statements,

Blast Rites: Lipoma – Odes To Suffering Review

A few weeks back, we wrapped our annual early July round-up of the things we missed out on covering in a timely manner, so in the spirit of not doing things in a timely manner,

Blast Rites: Deterioration / Traffic Death – Split

A few months back, I waxed poetic rambled semi-coherently about how much fun it is, as a grindcore fanboy, when a split comes along from two bands you love. That particular enthusiastic word-barrage was in

Blast Rites: Nak’ay – Divine Atrophy & Seized Review

What’s better than a new Nak’ay EP? Two new Nak’ay EPs, mmmk’ay! Emerging into the world on the same day, Divine Atrophy* and Seized are effectively fraternal twins – born of the same parents, sharing

Blast Rites: Endless Swarm – Manifested Swarms Review

Q: What happens when the Endless Swarm meets the guy from Pest Control? A: Total destruction. But on whose side? It’s a ridiculous (seemingly) hypothetical situation, but it’s … well, yeah, fine, it’s completely ridiculous,

Blast RItes: Vomi Noir – L’Innommable Remugle Et La M​é​lop​é​e Cavernuleuse Des R​â​les Agoniques Review

Somewhere towards the beginning of the long line of teachers who are disappointed in what I’ve done with my life, there’s one who attempted to teach me French, starting in my earliest school days. For