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Blast Rites: Hemorrhoid – Raw Materials Of Decay Review

Thankfully, I’ve never yet had to deal with hemorrhoids, but I hear they’re a total pain in the ass… Boom. Mic drop. Thanks. I’m here all week. But seriously, folks. These bloody Portland, Oregon-based death-grinders

Blast Rites: MooM – Plague Infested Urban Dump Of The Future Review

According to an interview on Lixiviat Records’ site, the name “MooM” most closely translates into English as “defect” — the intended meaning being the “disadvantages of being born into this reality while being awake to

Blast Rites: AK//47 – Menari Dalam Abu Algoritma Review

A few weeks back, at the turn of the year, we published our annual Most Anticipated Albums for the coming year. In making our selections back in December, I had initially chosen the third installment

Blast Rites: Nashgul – Oprobio Review

I spend an inordinate amount of time trying to come up with fresh and interesting ways to describe grindcore records. Even with the surprisingly wide scope of what’s often dismissed as a very limited sub-genre,

Blast Rites: Cognizant – Inexorable Nature Of Adversity Review

Seven long years ago, these Texan tech-grinders released their self-titled debut, an absolutely blistering blastfest of twisted riffing, relentless pummeling, and unstoppable intensity. That one felt futuristic, born of a similar almost sci-fi-sounding sharpness akin

Blast Rites: Lycanthrophy – On The Verge Of Apocalypse Review

I’ve never been someone who would typically be described as “a man of few words,” but I’ve got a buddy who certainly fits that bill. Most of his communication comes in short and direct statements,

Blast Rites: Lipoma – Odes To Suffering Review

A few weeks back, we wrapped our annual early July round-up of the things we missed out on covering in a timely manner, so in the spirit of not doing things in a timely manner,

Blast Rites: Deterioration / Traffic Death – Split

A few months back, I waxed poetic rambled semi-coherently about how much fun it is, as a grindcore fanboy, when a split comes along from two bands you love. That particular enthusiastic word-barrage was in