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Blast Rites: Endless Swarm – Manifested Swarms Review

Q: What happens when the Endless Swarm meets the guy from Pest Control? A: Total destruction. But on whose side? It’s a ridiculous (seemingly) hypothetical situation, but it’s … well, yeah, fine, it’s completely ridiculous,

Blast RItes: Vomi Noir – L’Innommable Remugle Et La M​é​lop​é​e Cavernuleuse Des R​â​les Agoniques Review

Somewhere towards the beginning of the long line of teachers who are disappointed in what I’ve done with my life, there’s one who attempted to teach me French, starting in my earliest school days. For

Blast Rites: Moiscus – Idiomorphic Practices Review

It must be some serious pressure for a young band to pick exactly the perfect gross-out name, but this trio from Dayton, Ohio, has certainly pulled out an all-timer with a portmanteau of “moist” and

Blast Rites: Deterioration / Trucido – Smudge / Wet Brain (Split) Review

Though it’s clearly not exclusive to the grindcore world, one of the fun things about this crazy sub-genre is the split release, the joy of finding a band you like and then getting a bonus

Blast Rites: Chadhel – Failure // Downfall Review

“If we go down the current status quo for, let’s say, about twenty years, we probably destroy our civilization… Probably don’t survive.” A soundbite from Jaron Lanier’s The Social Dilemma opens Failure // Downfall, nestled

Blast Rites: Septic Vomet – Infected Cadaveric Slaves Review

The film sample is a tradition in goregrind, but very rarely has any been used as awesomely as on the opening to Septic Vomet’s Infected Cadaveric Slaves. Taken from the 2013 Evil Dead remake –

Blast Rites: Trucido – A Collection Of Self-Destruction Review

If you’re reading a grindcore column, then you should already know (or at least be aware of) Texas tech-grinders Cognizant – if you aren’t, then take some time after you finish this to get right

Blast Rites: Couple Skate – Human Resources Review

“Sometimes you just need some… disgusting blastbeats and just like… y’know…” “…some fuckin’ sick fuckin’ vocals, man.” And when you do, then here you go. From the idyllic Midwestern paradise of Lima, Ohio, comes Couple