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Brainstorm – Wall Of Skulls Review

A familiar voice is sometimes just enough pick-me-up. Now having Brainstormed for 22 years, Andy B. Franck is that familiar voice to many. More importantly, he’s that familiar voice to me. Franck was the voice

We Have The Power! — The Top Twenty Power (And Power-Related) Albums Of 2018

News flash: Last Rites loves lists. Hell, we might as well refer to ourselves as List Rites come December because by then we’ve already spent weeks compiling lists, comparing lists, tweaking lists and, most importantly,

Brainstorm – Liquid Monster Review

Originally written by Nin Chan Depending on your perspective, the words “power metal” will either titillate or repulse you. To many, such words conjure contrived images of Manowar fur pelts, grandiose arenas, soaring, testicle-wrenching falsettos,