Tag: Brutal Death Metal

Benighted – Ekbom Review

[Cover art by Grindesign] Fans of the grim and foul music we so enjoy will always need the serious side of the tunes. We crave those albums that make our skin crawl, send a cold

Stillbirth – Homo Deus Review

Heavy metal is, of course, very serious business. When subject matters regularly consist of murder, depression, grief, rage and all the other poisons of the world that make the flowers of your mind wilt, it

Devangelic – Xul Review

[Cover art by Nick Keller] “THERE IS NO DANA, THERE IS ONLY ZUUL!” Sure, Devangelic spell it a little differently for album number four, and while they aren’t busting any ghosts on Xul, they do bust

Found Sounds And Frig You Friday, Vol. 2

Fuck me, there is a LOT of music out in the world. Welcome to volume two of a Found Sounds and Frustrated Expectations Fuck You Friday. The record keeps spinning, the globe keeps turning, the

Ingested – Where Only Gods May Tread Review

Death metal was born relishing in the raw, the murky, the crusty and the generally ugly. Ever since Suffocation created effigies of something or other (I forgot what), the brutal and slam scenes have done