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Ihsahn – Àmr Review

It’s undeniable that After will remain the classic Ihsahn record. If someone wants to get into his work, that’s the album they select. It’s not even out of the realm of possibility some would rate After higher


Winterfylleth – The Dark Hereafter Review

British black metal outfit Winterfylleth certainly produce music that is tiresomely consistent: Their signature sound features monotone, alto-1 desperate vocals, thin but relentless guitars, blast beats, and just a modicum of melody squeezed in. Prior

Ihsahn – Arktis. Review

Originally written by K. Scott Ross. Ihsahn is many things to many people. The father of modern black metal. The killer of TRVE black metal. Master of interlocking jigsaw riffs. International sex symbol. Musical genius. Overrated

Sigh – Graveward Review

Originally written by K. Scott Ross. A lot of the music that we listen to as metal heads is extremely similar. When it really comes down to it, is there that much difference between Immolation and Incantation? Sure,

Voices – London Review

Originally written by K. Scott Ross. The Concept Album is a tricky beast. On the one hand, having a unified theme or story for an album can take already mighty music to the next level

Corrosion Of Conformity – IX Review

Originally written by Matt Longo In many respects, legacies mean jack shit — especially when faced with the prospect of releasing new material and touring on its strengths to pan-generational audiences. But true to form

The Wounded Kings – Consolamentum Review

Not too long ago, you couldn’t huck a rock without hitting a drifty, smoky, fuzzy doom band directly in the marbles. Slow-bangers with stretched tunes steeped in bongwater were getting continuous front-page action, and folks

Shores Of Null – Quiescence Review

With countless young bands mining the bare-bones thrash, black, and death metal realms with little-to-no notoriety due to so much saturation (or a case of suck), it’s refreshing to hear a new group putting their