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Staff Infections – January 2021

Jesus H. Christ, friends, welcome to 2021. I was hoping, after taking month off for list season, that things might calm down, but it seems quite the opposite has happened. The pandemic is raging as


Fast Rites – Volume 5

Football, shmootball. The Cubs have gone down in flames, thereby proving that Back To The Future Part II is a work of fiction. Here are a few albums, both good and bad, for Cub fans to slit their

90s Essentials – Volume Two

Jumping right back in, folks: Here we have Volume 2 of MetalReview’s Most Essential Albums Of The 1990s. (Click here for Vol. 1) With some bitchin’ buzzsaw action, a thrash classic, a nice reminder that

Cover Ups – 12 Tunes Improved By Metal

Ah, the cover song, that most mixed of bags… Broadly, cover tunes fall into three categories — 1) re-recordings of influential numbers, sometimes largely unimaginative in their faithfulness to the source material, but as often

Children of Bodom – Blooddrunk Review

My relationship with Children of Bodom is very similar to the one I have with In Flames. Both were started at the same time (in 1999, when Hatebreeder and Colony were the respective current releases)

Children Of Bodom – Are You Dead Yet? Review

Ramar Pittance’s take: I’m supposed to be outraged by this? Ugh, I think people drastically overestimate Children of Bodom, that’s the problem. I think they saw an artistic glimmer in those early albums, and now they’re

Children Of Bodom – Trashed, Lost & Strung Out Review

Originally written by Harley Carlson. Finland’s Children Of Bodom is an entity that really doesn’t require an introduction. Since 1994 the band has hammered out some of the most awe-inspiring and significant music that is, in most

Children Of Bodom – Hate Crew Deathroll Review

Originally written by Gregory Bradley. Children of Bodom have just set the benchmark impossibly high for 2003 metal. Hate Crew Deathroll is so energetically melodic and thrashily brutal. For anyone disappointed with In Flames’ “Reroute